Brother’s Windfall = My Windfall?

My brother’s company just got sold and he’s been assured that his job is safe. But, as senior management, he’s getting a big fat bonus for making the company worth buying for the price they got.

This is the same brother who’s not good at saving, buys cars based on image/advertising, and is in the midst of buying his first home from…not sure, the developer declared Chapter 11 two weeks before the scheduled closing. He’ll get the house, just with a bit of a delay. Anyway, I started hypothetically allotting what I anticipate he’ll see after taxes, and then remembered:


This is my opportunity to FINALLY get that back. It’s now or never. And even though I’m sure it seemed greedy and annoying, when he texted me about his big-ass bonus and said something about paying for our mom’s 60th birthday, I saw that as a good segue into reminding him about the car. It has always bothered me how he would mention the car “we” bought, when he contributed a whopping 5% to my 95%. In my update post earlier today, I mentioned how my little sister had no financial reputation/history with me…well, little brother does and it’s not good. This could totally rectify it. And heck, I won’t even charge interest because let’s face it – it probably would have been invested in the market and I’d have lost at least half of it.

This kind of changes things for me. I feel that this is the last possible moment for me to change my mind about taking time off for a trip to Africa in April. I’d mostly decided not to, but this $4000 cushion – while I won’t dip into it – makes me feel better about losing a few days’ income while sorting out a new home upon my return if I’m unable to arrange it by my departure date – besides, prices drop if a place doesn’t look like it’s going to be rented by the first of the month. I need to make up my mind by tomorrow morning, because I’ll need to get assorted travel innoculations asap.

In other “money owed” news… Bridezilla anticipates being able to start paying me back the $6K she owes me for her car (see a trend there??) around June. And I’m also in the midst of sorting out a scale-back on my whole life policy which will result in $3K being returned to me (which will just go into another form of savings) and no premium due until Sept 2010. Should that local massage school get around to offering a rolfing course sometime this year, I’ll have the funds to pay in full without touching my Emergency Fund.

But to get back to the subject – this four grand is almost like found money. I truly never expected to see it again. This is AWESOME!!


6 Responses

  1. Awesome news. Time to collect.

  2. Wait, if I understand correctly… you have yet to receive that money. Excitement before the payoff? 😉

    And you have to make travel plans by tomorrow? Those crazy shots. ouch! I feel the pain.

    You have a lot on your plate: the move, the trip, rolfing courses, bridezilla. lol! I can’t imagine moving while in the midst of taking a trip. Crazy! But all the well wishes to you. Look forward to the updates. 🙂

  3. Rich/Xpressbus – I’m thinking it will pay for that Rolfing course if that school in NJ ever runs it.

    MoneyFunk – I figure the worst that’ll happen is that I couchsurf for a week upon my return, unable to work. That bothers me, but not so much that it would stop me!

  4. You are a good soul. If my siblings asked me for money for autos, I would tell them to suck it. But that might be because the ones who would request it would nevah evah pay it back!

  5. This is why one should never borrow money from friends and family – – your friends and family usually know when you come into money! (Of course, in this case, your brother bragged to you about his bonus.) Hope your brother pays you back and enjoy the money cushion!

  6. I can’t believe your brother would just forget he owes you several thousand dollars! What did he say when you reminded him? I’m sure the money will be a huge help.

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