I fear my local Rite Aid

I only intend to visit the Rite Aid 3 blocks away once more to make a return (cringe!), and then only to pick up prescriptions until I switch insurance companies and hopefully get a deal to transfer to CVS (this usually involved a $25 gift card – I’ll take some of that!). I’ve now complained to corporate twice, district management twice, and chatted on the phone with the store manager twice about two different assistant managers. Superficially, I was in the wrong – individual stores can make their own policies. But that doesn’t mean it sits well that every time I do something really clever (and legal!) with coupons, they legislate against it by my next visit.

So today I ventured into Walgreens. Previous attempts to do their Easy Saver Rebates deals failed due to lack of stock. In fact, one of their February special items has been out of stock since Feb 2 (lipstick of some sort) – how bad is that? I meant to ask the cashier when (if??) they stock the shelves so I can time my trips better, but I was surprisingly anxious about being treated like a criminal for using coupons and completely forgot. It all went easy-peasy, and the cashier seemed to know his stuff. I walked off with a free box of Sambucal ($10 store coupon in their monthly book, $4 internet coupon) and free Colgate…well, I paid for it and got the full price back in “register rewards” to use on a future purchase, just as I’d calculated. I contemplated repeating this transaction immediately, but decided that, for the sake of my slacking fitness habits, I should make myself do the full roundtrip walk (1.5 miles) each time.

Then on the way home, I swung through CVS to flash my card at the magic red spit machine and got, like, some of the best store coupons ever – including a free Hershey bar! My mom and sister’s cards, both less than a month old, just got the usual ones the machine’s been spitting out, but mine were special and left me wondering if they’re based on the kinds of purchases I’ve been making, or even my general demographic info. Let’s see how they break down:

  • Free Hershey candy bar – well, who doesn’t like chocolate. And I’ve used quite a few Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hershey’s coupons to fill up the minimum purchase to use a $5 off coupon.
  • $2 off Revlon Color cosmetics – I don’t wear make-up, but I’ve bought a fair bit because it’s essentially free and I know a great charity to donate it to. And there’s a deal on this month.
  • $3 off L’Oreal’s new Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair – hey, I’m 38 and a little chubby, which means no deep-set wrinkles yet, damn it! How dare they! Oh wait, I use their cleanser and they electronically know that…
  • $1 off any Glade air freshener – I’m always taking (or at least trying) advantage of their really good deals on Glade candles. Which reminds me, what am I going to do with the 2 apple cinnamon ones I just don’t like…
  • $1 off any Excedrin product – I am a huge fan of Excedrin, because it’s the only tablet that contains caffeine and for some reason my bad headaches respond well to any OTC painkiller enhanced by caffeine. When “E” is not handy, I’ll take whatever I can get my hands on with a coffee chaser. Although I have enough Excedrin to get me through 2009, I won’t let this go to waste, and CVS knows it.

By the way, freebie alert for anyone in NYC:  U2 is performing on Letterman every night this week. I live a block from the studio. The band arrives between 3:30 and 4pm if you feel like hangin’ with the stalkerazzi. My street has even been temporarily renamed “U2 Way”. Letterman is one of the best reasons for living in this neighborhood! I love when he blows up a 900-lb pumpkin around Halloween.


2 Responses

  1. I told you I don’t like Rite Aid either, I don’t like the lock down policy on things like batteries and razors. Keep them behind the register then, instead you have to wait 10 minutes for somone to unlock the cabinet. Stalking U2 are you? That’s kinda cool.

  2. I don’t think the red spit machine reacts to what you buy. Since I keep getting antacid, and 10$ off Alli diet pill coupons. And $1 off 3 individual toothbrushes.


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