Girding my loins for the apartment hunt

I wish real estate agents didn’t exist, my their sake as well as mine. Everyone resents their slice of the pie, no one trusts them (with good cause), and most of their job is made fairly redundant thanks to technology. So here I sit, about to start making enquiries, and I find myself needing a list of dealbreakers/must-haves:

To be determined before viewing:

  • In a very specific street/avenue area
  • Laundry room in building
  • If a walk-up, no higher than the 2nd floor
  • Under $2000/month and absolutely NO AGENCY FEE

To be determined at viewing:

  • Reasonably clean and attractive entry
  • 1BR, alcove studio, or weirdly-shaped so I can distinctly separate sleep and massage areas
  • Must be work-from-home friendly

Desirable features:

  • Separate kitchen
  • Doorman or camera intercom
  • Utilities included in the rent (easier for budgeting)

I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see this place (link will only be good for a few days), which looks cool in an updated-retro tenement kind of way. The drawbacks: not sure how weird the entrance into the apartment will feel (it’s in the kitchen) businesswise, and there’s no bathtub (I’m a huge fan of baths, but I’ve lived without for years at a time). It’s been on the market for at least a month that I’m aware of, so I’m wondering what the problem is…because you know there has to be one.

I’m also checking to see if this apartment is still available – perfect location, just not sure if the layout will be conducive to my needs.


3 Responses

  1. The first link is gone already but the second place looks neat. My old studio would have been perfect for your needs, it was around 450 sq ft and could have easily been made into a 1 bedroom. The bed area was separate from the rest of the apt with a half wall. I miss that apt. I hope your hunt goes well, only in NY do apt hunters need agents.

  2. Just resigned my lease yesterday, but it would have been nice to be able to search for a cheaper deal. It’s crazy out there right now. Moving in NYC is such a hassle, my roommates and I decided to hunker down for one more year (we have an amazing private roof that would be hard to give up,) since our rent didn’t increase. A lot of buildings right now are giving first month free or covering agency fees, so you probably can avoid the extra cost. I love searching on for apartments. This is the best market in years for renting in NYC, so take advantage and good luck!

  3. MissM – I’ll be posting about my 3 viewings today shortly…always an adventure in this town!

    Cents – if my landlord had offered me a renewal at my current rent, I’d have taken it. But no, they insisted on a 5-7% increase. In a couple of hours, I’ll be checking out a similar place to the one I have – for 15% lower rent. After having a click around, I can see where the bldg is – because they’ve got the same unit on a higher floor (same 5-window bank with same view, heh) on their books for $200/month more. I’m not a floor snob – happy to keep the $ in my pocket!

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