Apartment Search, Day 3: Done??

I went to see an apartment in my target neighborhood this afternoon, and it’s the closest I’m going to get to my wishlist. I should know by Saturday if I get the place.

On the up side:

  • It’s a 1-bedroom!!! — excellent separation of church and state
  • It’s $1800/month!!! — savings of $300
  • It’s got an elevator — so being on the 4th floor is fine
  • It’s around the corner from the best pizza in the neighborhood
  • It’s within a 3-minute walk of more subway lines than I can count
  • Only a super to tip at Christmas (= savings of over $600!)

On the down side:

  • No laundry on premises (but added expense of sending it out is only a few $ more than I’m paying now)
  • Individually metered electricity — will cancel out savings from Christmas tipping
  • Above lots of restaurants…rodents likely an issue at street level after midnight
  • Entrance is poorly marked — might be able to do something about that?
  • Landlady will probably grill me about whether or not I’m a hooker (past issue with a trannie)

Then there’s one thing I can’t figure out if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Let’s go with good…it’s not available until April 15 at the soonest. The current tenants don’t move out until April 4, then they need to spruce it up. In other words, I once again have the option to take some rent-free time off to travel. I told the agent that April 20 would be even better…that would give me 3 weeks in Africa or Thailand or wherever. The thing is, with my drastically reduced income so far this year, I’m naturally hesitant. Well, it will ultimately be up to my landlord, whether he lets me stay beyond the 31st or not. Pretty sure he will – the market heats up in Spring, so those few weeks will definitely benefit him.

So here’s hoping the search and the pity party are over. THANKS to you all for the abundance of blogo-love in response to yesterday’s post. And to answer a few of your comments… Finding a job, hah, there aren’t any to find and they pay a pittance while offering no benefits. Moving somewhere cheaper? I can’t bear the idea of starting somewhere new with absolutely no existing client base in this economy.


2 Responses

  1. Well here’s to hoping! And certainly see your point about moving.

    Loved the separation of church and state. You really have an excellent way with words!

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