Apartment Search, Day 3: So NOT done

The universe is conspiring to keep me right where I am.

Even though I told my guarantor that they’d want things like tax returns and credit reports, she just now declined to allow a credit report to be run on her because she’s in the midst of negotiating a re-fi to a lower rate. An inquiry on her credit report might jeopardize that. I have no one else in a position to do this – it’s such an uncomfortably enormous favor to ask of anyone. She said she could forward a copy of the credit report that the bank ran on her 2 months ago, but that’s it. Know what? I think that’s more than fair. So I whipped off an email to the blackberry-equipped real estate agent…2 hours…no reply. I’m guessing she needs to speak to the landlord, but it was too late (emailed at 8:30pm) to call. I’m not terribly hopeful, but that leads me to…

An awful lot of people whose opinions I respect are telling me to stay put – my financial adviser, my guarantor, the veteran real estate agent I met with yesterday, etc. My aunt-the-guarantor made the exact argument that’s been going through my own head: the difference in rent is the equivalent of 4 massages, and is that really worth giving up a “Big Picture” perfect situation (location, quality of building, first impression on clients, etc) for minimal short-term savings. Well — no, it isn’t.

So I emailed my lease manager guy: “Any chance the owners would reconsider, and keep me?” He replied immediately (at 10:30pm!) – yes, would I like a 1-year extension. I asked for 18 months…we’ll see. The awkward thing is, neither of us quoted a dollar amount. I figured “reconsider” implied my offer to stay at the same rent, but I’m not sure it was understood that way. I’ll see what documents show up in the mail.

Sadly, this exercise has cost me $200 as the “non-refundable processing fee” for me and the guarantor. However, they didn’t order the credit reports yet (the reason for the fee), so I’m thinking I may be able to get it – or maybe half of it? – back.  I’ll bribe the agent with free massage services; she had expressed an interest, so it might fly.

Know what pushed me over the edge? One of the questionable massage parlors that advertises on craigslist is two doors down from the new apartment – you know, one of those ads with legitimate wording but a picture of a barely legal Asian girl in a skimpy camisole. How could I not be confused with that establishment, when we would both be advertising the exact same location? I don’t want to fight an uphill battle with men thinking I’m selling some form of sex. It took me years to perfect my ability to weed them out before they even thought about dialing my digits, and I will end up causing grievous bodily harm if subjected to that sort of insanity again.


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  1. My take on the situation: you should stay if they will give you the 12-18 month extension w/ the same rent. Because for 3 reasons i can think of off hand: you are already set up with the door man, you have laundry on the premises, and your services will not be confused with an asian hooker. Oh ya, and because 3 other people who you take their advice as valid is telling you to stay. 🙂

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