Yet another successful rebate: Walgreens

I kind of avoided Walgreens because my first forays produced zip zero nada on the sales front – meaning that all of their monthly free-after-rebate products were sold out and never restocked. That was February and you know what? They still haven’t restocked one of the items. However, before I drew this conclusion, I bought the one product they had in stock – a cold remedy for $7.99 that I had a $2 coupon for and, today, got my rebate gift card in the mail for $8.79 (if you opt for a rebate rather than a check, you get a 10% bonus). In coupon-speak, that’s called a “moneymaker”.

While waiting for the rebate to arrive and feeling generally ambivalent about Walgreens, I got sucked back in last week with their monthly Dove deal – buy 8 items, get a $10 Register Reward (instant store credit, like the CVS Extra Care Bucks). Turns out it applied to single bars of soap, so I basically got 16 bars free…keeping half, donating half. And I managed to find two of the monthly rebate freebies. Then I went today to work a deal and they actually had most of my list in stock — I wasn’t really expecting them to have the Fusion Gamer razor because no other store offering a special on it this month ever had it in stock either. No biggie, that razor has the most expensive replacement cartridges on the market.

So I picked up a 30ct box of Sambucol, 2 Pledge All-Surface cleaner, 2 packs of Peanut M&Ms, 1 Theraflu and 1 Right Guard Clinical for…free. The total was about $35, minus $20 in coupons, a $10 Register Reward from the Dove soap, and $5 off the rebate gift card. I earned $10 in rebates (+ 10% bonus). I’m kind of pleased with myself about that especially since half of those items are things I use. I could get used to this drug store game too!


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