I couldn’t let $5 go to waste

The magic red spit machines at CVS dished out a bunch of $5-off-$15 purchase this past weekend that expired today. Even though the deals in the Manhattan stores are non-existent this week, I could not let free money go to waste and I had one left. So at 11pm tonight, I hustled out to use it and picked up 2.5 gallons of milk, 3 dozen eggs, and two bags of gummy bears. It was like buying the milk and candy, and getting the eggs for free. I’m keeping the 1/2 gallon of milk and 1 dozen eggs (completely out of both), and the rest will be carted to the homeless teen shelter this week in my little wheelie bag along with the free cereal deal my mom did for me at ShopRite. She cracks me up – with instructions to pick up 12 boxes, she had a little fun with the actual selection. When asked why in the world she would choose High School Musical cereal for a post-tween crowd, she asked, “Didn’t you say most of the kids were gay? I thought they’d get a kick out of that one!”

3 Responses

  1. I think CVS and Walgreens have the cheapest eggs in the entire city. They even beat TJ’s. My friends all think I’m crazy for buying them there. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  2. CVS and Rite Aid have the cheapest milk, too – about $1/gallon cheaper than supermarket chains like Gristedes. Judging from how quickly the pharmacies go through milk and eggs, I’d say your friends are just out of the loop 😉

  3. You know that you can freeze milk? You could have kept a little more of it for yourself. (But I know you have a generous heart!)

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