Annual Pow-Wow With My Accountant

I threw my tax paperwork together yesterday afternoon and handed it over to my drummerdude of a CPA last night. I used to do expense reports in my last crappy office admin job, so I’m pretty good a categorizing things appropriately, making it as easy as possible to keep his fee is as low as possible. I made my grand entrance this evening with “I’m here to do my civic duty and pay some taxes, because the government spends my money soooo responsibly.” We ended with him informing me that Uncle Sam would go under if he was depending on my tax bill to bail him out. I’m feeling love for my accountant.

He made one surprising remark:  that I was able to make it in this economy at all. He figured I’d have taken some kind of job by now, any job, like most of his other self-employed clients. I told him it had been close every month since Lehman collapsed except January, but I was managing to break even. Apparently, this puts me at the top of the heap…why don’t I find that at all reassuring? So I soothed myself afterwards with a round of cheapie-cheapie deals at Walgreens and an eggplant parm hero.


One Response

  1. Oh, I love eggplant parm sandwiches. I haven’t had one in forever, sounds yummy. I think your accountant makes a good point, self employed and surviving makes you a rare bird right now. It’s a compliment!

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