A Weak Weekend of Couponing

Walgreens was out of everything I wanted.
The pathetic 4-page CVS circular had none of the freebies in the 20-pager.
My local Rite Aid has been too obstructive to bother with anymore.
Mom messed up my ShopRite deals, costing me $10 more than it should have.

All is not doom and gloom in the wonder world of coupon orchestrations though. Because I’ve mastered the joys of self-checkout at CVS, where the price rings up as full and you can scan your $5-off-$25 purchase coupon based on that, I managed to get two Revlon mascaras, Olay Regenerist moisturizer and Olay Ribbons bodywash for a net cost of -35 cents, meaning I kind of got paid to shop. This weekend, I’ve got a huge $15-off-$75 coupon to attempt to use, which I was just going to ignore…until my mother said she needed to pick up baby supplies as part of an office gift to a bedridden co-worker who just gave birth. So I get to use up $25-$30 of that $75 purchase minimum on things that someone else is paying for. So really, I’m getting $15 off $45. Heh. In the meantime, I might head down to the Times Square Walgreens to play the reverse-demographics game and see if they’re stocked up on all the things tourists don’t buy there.


5 Responses

  1. I’m sending you some more coupons tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for them before doing your shopping this weekend!

  2. MM, you rock! I know there have been some really good ones put out in the last week or two that were not included in my snooty Manhattan variation, so I look forward to my little coupon jackpot envelope 🙂

  3. What CVS has a self checkout? The one I go to always seems to have a HUGE line.

  4. CentsInTheCity – the two CVSes that I frequent both have self-checkout: 58th & 9th and 53rd & Lex. I highly recommend the one at 53rd & Lex – there’s an older man, Francisco, who acts as a greeter of sorts in the evening, but he loves helping with self-checkout, has the card to override any bad beeps if something won’t work the way it’s supposed to, and can issue rainchecks. That CVS also starts its weekly sales on Saturday evening, and the cashiers who work that shift attack the circular when it arrives @ 8pm and pour over it, looking for good deals. Now if only we’d get the full 16-20 page circular and I’d be in bargain heaven!

  5. I stumbed upon this via iheartcvs….I WISH we had a self checkout at our CVS:)

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