Monday Migraine edition

Business picked up for me these last few days – and I find myself slammed with migraines, hence the lack of posts over the last week. I worked through Thursday’s pain, had a “headache hangover” on Friday and even a bit on Satuday. Along comes Monday and I get another monster migraine — all the free Excedrin in my stockpile didn’t make one bit of difference.

On Friday, I transferred the final $1K of my 2008 Roth IRA allowance into my account — haven’t decided what to buy, and will wait for another dip in the Dow before buying anyway. What can I say, I don’t buy into the “happy days are here again” nonsense on CNBC. I personally don’t take any encouragement in hearing that the market just had its best week or month since 1933. Ahem, there was more Great Depression ahead of that moment than behind it.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, you poor thing. MIgraines are so debilitating. Take care and I’ll be praying it goes away.

  2. I hope the headaches stop soon, Mr M gets them and is just useless for the next day. I’m glad your work has picked up a bit though.

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