$100 for a sleepover

Last month, I gave a massage to a new client in his hotel room. He’s a truck driver, normally sleeps in his cab, but hotel rates are half what they were 6 months ago so he treated himself. He texted me a couple of days ago to arrange a massage and offered me $100 to crash on my couch for the night – apparently rates are back up to pre-Depression prices for the holiday weekend. Normally, I wouldn’t hesitate 3 seconds to nix that idea, but money is tight and this was a (predictably) bad week of biz. I made a judgment call based on past behavior and agreed – but only if he took the bed and I took the couch. I told him it was because he was paying so much, but the real reason is that any time I let a guy sleep on the couch, he tries to crawl into bed with me. The couch is only built for one, hah.

I’m not sure what lesson I’ve just learned about men. I’ve lent my couch to a married bond broker, a single accountant and a single software biz owner as a favor – commuters who found themselves stuck in the city at a late hour and unable to get home – and they all tried to join me in the bed. But not the single, lonely truck driver. Could it be that he wasn’t attracted to me? Sure, but I know that wasn’t the case. Heck, even if there had been zero indication of interest, when you’re the only girl in the room you’re also the hottest girl in the room. So here’s what I’m having fun figuring out…

Do blue-collars behave better than white-collars?
Or did that $100 fee keep him in line?

Because maybe when I let guys take the couch, I should insist on a “good behavior deposit” – refundable only if they don’t make a move.


11 Responses

  1. Your post is hilarious! Love the ‘only girl in the room you’re the hottest girl in the room’ statement.

    I kind of was uncomfortable with the notion of letting a client stay on the sofa, but I understand your situation.

    So, the truck driver already stayed at your place and there was no move? Hmmm… maybe he either had a really long drive and crashed or like you said the couch was built for one.

    And perhaps white-collar workers are more selfish, because they potentially ‘have it’ better. Blue collars being more humble because they are happy with what they do get. Interesting question.

  2. You are braver than me, I would have said no even with the cash. I once let a guy friend crash at my place cause he was too drunk to bicycle home, sure enough he tried to make a move. I’ve learned don’t let men sleep over unless you are willing to deal with them trying to sleep with you. Maybe Mr truck driver was just too much of a gentlemen?

  3. I’m just glad you didnt wake up dead!

  4. Too funny 😉

    I have to agree with Money Funk and say white collars think they have it better and blue collars are more humble, thus keeping them from being selfish and wanting..you.

    Did you not try the couch idea with any of the white collars?
    How does someone just try and get in bed with someone else? and when rejected..talk about awkward..

  5. Oh wow. You’re much braver than I. BTW, I don’t think the truck driver wasn’t attracted to you. I think he was just DEAD tired from driving so much. As to behaviors between blue collar and white collars? I guess I haven’t seen a pattern to stereotype either way. But to echo Misti’s comment, I’m glad you’re unharmed.

  6. Money Funk – I wouldn’t describe blue-collars as more humble, but I do think they have a more black-and-white view of acceptable (conventional?) behavior. When they cross the line, they tend not to pretend to either me or themselves that they didn’t.

    Miss M – I’m used to clients trying it on. I don’t find it scary or flattering or anything. It’s just a fact of life for me.

    Misti & Shtinky – I’ve dealt with 2000 strange men coming into my home and taking off their clothes for a massage. I’ve got hypersensitive radar for things being a bit off, and only a truly skilled sociopath would succeed. Despite what we see on assorted television dramas, there are very, very few of those.

    Shtinky – he was interested, but was very non-pushy about it. He appreciated having a comfortable, homey place to sleep too much to mess with a good thing.

    Jesse – I haven’t had a white collar ask for my couch since I figured out the couch-bed strategy. Also, I live in a studio apartment, with the bed in its own alcove – which you have to pass on the way to the bathroom. Most of the time, the guy gets up to pee and then doesn’t feel like walking the extra 10 feet to the couch, ahem. They pretty much expect to be rejected, and I use my wiseass humor to great effect — very face-saving for them, and yet no-nonsense for me.

  7. Ah, that is an excellent strategy, wiseass humor. Who hasnt saved a little face with that.

    Those lazy white collars 😉 You should get a crib railing like for babies haha to put around em

  8. haha yes indeed – you are one crazy a$$ girl up in here…and we all love it! sexcellent post.

  9. Wow! I can’t believe that you let him sleep on your couch! $100 would be nice…I guess I would ask a friend to sleep over too! 🙂

  10. I don’t know how safe your choice was, but I do think blue-collars have a better stick together mentality. I have worked in factories for years and everyone looks out for each other way better than just a cake on your birthday. More than a few times I have seen the can passed around for someone’s surgery, son’s college fund, layoff, divorce, etc. I think that blue collar’s understand the importance of friendship and not f’ing things up for just a night of cuddling.

    Also, again I just think you may be lucky and the trucker just may be raised right.

  11. […] $100 For a Sleepover – Another favorite blogger of mine discussing payment in exchange for sleeping over. As a dude, i’d totally do it in a heart beat. But as a girl? Gotta have mad trust and balls! Very interesting read. […]

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