Loving the Collection of Leftovers!

I know there are some people out there who wouldn’t touch leftovers with someone else’s 10-foot pole, but I’m definitely not one of them. There are also plenty out there who wouldn’t eat the contents of someone else’s doggie bag, and again, I’m not of them. Leftovers are both diet-supportive and budget friendly, and as single person who cooks 3-4 portions of something at a time, it’s a great injection of variety.

Mac 'n' Jack @ Eatery

Mac 'n' Jack @ Eatery

Aspen restaurant staff – i.e. my sister’s friends – are by far the most discerning and generous people I’ve ever gone out to eat with. They judge service as well as the food and leave huge tips when the place gets it right. I took them to my favorite restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, and they raved about everything, including the relatively small mark-up on a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck (50% instead of the usual 100%+ you normally see on a wine list). So I’ve been working my way through leftovers from Friday and Saturday thanks to the small-food-large-drink appetites of my houseguests. For lunch yesterday AND today, I had Drama Queen’s hardly-touched spaghetti puttanesca. Last night I had my leftover Mac ‘n’ Jack topped with onion frizzles and bacon, and tonight I’ll have Bad Boy’s leftover beef tenderloin – he got it done rare, I like medium-rare, so reheating it should make it just right.

The only leftover I couldn’t give a digestive home to was a tray of beautiful sushi. Even if it was safe to eat it a day old, I wouldn’t – I hate sushi. I only had it once, while teaching in Japan, and threw it all up on my boss’s wife’s shoes. I mean, seriously, who looks at a sea urchin and thinks “wow, I want to eat that” at all, no less in the raw??


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  1. I won’t eat other people’s leftovers but I will eat my own. I hate seeing food go to waste (but I will take home other people’s leftovers for my dogs, they don’t care whose plate it came off of). Lately when I really cook I make a big batch to save leftovers for later lunches and dinners. It’s a great time and money saver.

  2. I LOVE uni (sea urchin) and it’s one of my favorites!! It looks like a mustard-yellow slug, but it is creamy and delicious! MMMMmmm… But I agree with you – – the first guy (or gal) who looked at a sea urchin and said, “Wow. That looks like good eats.” must have been either insane or blind.

  3. I’m so with you on the sushi thing, Kate. I’ve tried about three different kinds and I thought I was going to hurl. The only one that was remotely tolerable was California rolls and that’s because I love crab. But, the seaweed kind of killed it for me. Still, even if I did like sushi, I wouldn’t have done leftovers on that.

    But, the rest of the stuff is fair game. I’m all about the leftovers! I do the same thing as you, I make big portions so I have some variety. About once a month, my friend and I get together for a leftover buffet. I bring my leftovers to her house and she and her husband bring out theirs. We heat it up and we’ve got a buffet. It’s pretty cool and a lot of fun.

  4. I’ve had very expensive sashimi in Japan – my palate must not be very refined because I honestly preferred unagi rolls and spicy tuna.

  5. I’m with you. Leftovers are the shiz, and I’m not above eating others’ leftovers (depending what they are, and how old they are…), unfortunately me and BF are big eaters so I’m gonna have to start making some humongous portions if I wanna have leftover lunches!

    Damn my fast metabolism..

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