Civic responsibility kinda sucks

It’s been a bad week for demands from On High — I’m talking taxes and jury duty.

My accountant texted me a couple of hours ago to say he’d be dropping off my annual tax docs with my doorman tonight. I have no idea how it’s possible, but I always end up getting money back from the state. How is that possible when I never paid any to the state to begin with? Seriously, it’s like refunding most of the sales tax I’ve paid in the course of the year. Before I started using a CPA, I’d get those “audit” letters informing me that I was owed a refund by the state, so I know he’s not coming up with anything wacky. Apparently, not having a child in the public school system means I deserve to get $50-80 back…? Thanks, Albany!

Last week, I received a notice that I’m to report for NY State Supreme Court jury duty on May 13th. I have no idea what the state Supreme Court actually does – neither the state court juror website nor Google could clear that up for me. If I weren’t self-employed with no back-up (i.e. husband), I would absolutely love to be a juror. A jury did right by my sister in 2002 and I’d like to return the favor. I also know that if I were a victim, I’d feel very good about having the likes of me on a jury. Mm, I suppose that could be considered just cause for dismissal by the defense. I also have fond memories of reading the part of Juror #8 in Twelve Angry Men in 7th grade social studies class – I picked 8 because it’s my favorite number, and it turned out to be the most important role in the whole book/play: the only juror who votes Not Guilty and then convinces all the others that there is indeed reasonable doubt.

I suspect that the loss of income from jury duty will exceed my tax bill for 2008.


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  1. Mr M got roped into jury duty too, he had orientation this morning and goes back to serve on Monday. He’s actually looking forward to it

    “I want to put someone in jail”

    Hope your experience isn’t so bad, don’t many of your clients come in the evenings? Hopefully your income won’t get impacted too much, they aren’t as lenient about letting you out for economic reasons anymore.

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