Freaky Coincidence: Not dying to make a living update

Um…not 100% sure and currently looking into, but pretty sure…I have one degree of separation from the fiancee of the man dubbed the Craigslist Killer. If she is who I think she is, her brother was a classmate of mine in middle & high school. Not finance-related, but weird enough for me to feel the need to write about it.

9 Responses

  1. FREAKY! man, you were the first person i thought of when this was going down…scary 😦 glad YOU are okay though!

  2. I immediately thought of you when I heard that story on the news. When are we cooking again by the way?

    The one day I’m not available is this upcoming Saturday

  3. Ok…. that’s way too freaky

  4. There is a Craigslist killer??? Yah, that is really creepy.

  5. I can confirm you have <6 degrees to Kevin Bacon through me. 🙂 He only plays killers and pretentious hairdressers in movies.

  6. That is weird, adding to the coincidence of the murdered girl being a “sort of” masseuse. Ya gotta be careful these days.

  7. Yes, very freaky!

  8. I too thought of you when I first heard about this. I had to rush to read the “details” and knew it wasn’t you.

  9. Ha! The Maplewood Shooter used to watch my sister’s pets when she went on vacation. He worked with her ex and they’d occasionally go out for a beer together. According to her, he was a nice (but quiet) guy.

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