Working the Earth Day Tote Deals

Rainy days often result in a slow day of work for me even in a booming economy, so I didn’t rush home after my lunchtime outcall at the Marriott Renaissance (much nicer than the Marriott Marquis, by the way). I walked a few more blocks in the drizzle to the Walgreens in Times Square with a wad of coupons in my grubby little fist. Okay, not so grubby – more like freshly washed with hotel miniatures from Lather Spa. I couldn’t resist a free reusable tote plus 15% off everything I was planning to buy. Gotta love getting $20.97 (shelf price) worth of make-up for better-than-free. For the curious:  Physician’s Formula cosmetics are 40% off this week, 15% off today only, 3 x $1 manufacturer’s coupons, paid the remaining $7.27 with gift card and will get an $11 rebate ($10 + 10% for putting it on a Walgreens gift card). Plus a free bright green tote and more free Skintimate shave gel. [11pm update: I went back and did this again – another round of money-making make-up, free Chapstick and a free tote).

I got an email coupon from Staples for a free reusable tote with any purchase, good thru April 24th. I picked up a much-needed ream of paper and my freebie – the biggest so far, color is “natural” with slogan that puts a green spin on their Easy Button campaign. Since I can continue to get them free w/purchase, I’ll be hitting their clearance table with cool stuff for under $1 that will make great Secret Santa gifts to donate at Christmastime (it’s all kids’ stuff). Heh, one of them is a neon green bubble-button calculator for 50 cents – perfect for Bridezilla’s box of lime green silly stuff.

Ten days ago, I snagged another free tote from Earthbound Farm. It should arrive in the mail in about 5 weeks. According to the picture, it’ll be rough brown sack material. Cool. I like how different they all are.

And now I’m using all my totes to sort and store my unbelievable amount of stuff-for-free. Because until today, I’d been using plastic bags which looked like I had garbage piled up in the corner. Guess I didn’t get the memo about how cool it was to “declutter in the 21st century”.

4 Responses

  1. I love using my free totes too. Some supermarkets actually give me 10 cents off my purchases for bringing my own bags. Great job, MMK.

  2. I love the free totes. I can’t wait to see if Kroger will give me a discount when I use theirs and the other free ones I have gotten this week.

  3. i like it! i need another tote like a hole in the head and my wags is tough even on a GOOD day so i steered clear. but i LOVE reading your fun adventures!

  4. I can relate to the “garabage piled up in the corner”!

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