Earth Day Totes, Part 2

It looks like Oprah is sponsoring a free “lunch bag” tote at Whole Foods, which is really quite unusual. First, its size is roughly that of a sheet of paper, with a good depth of about 5″. Second, it’s designed by Sheryl Crow (not important to me, but whatever). Third – and best of all – 80% of the material is from recycled plastic bottles. Fourth, if it rips, you can return it for a replacement. Believe it or not, I wouldn’t take advantage of that last one because if I wanted a new one that badly, I’d cough up the 79-cent retail price. But I like that there is a sort of guarantee because it indicates the durability they believe this bag has. Oh, and, um…I’ve already picked up 3, which are sitting in a little row on my massage table filled with lime green, purple, and navy blue things. I’m planning to add 3 more to my collection tomorrow.

And after my resounding success with the Dunkin Donuts 50-cent coffee deal on Tuesday, I decided to attempt using my $1 off a double-meat $5 footlong at Subway. It confused them, but it worked. The boss said something to the sandwich maker in their native tongue, and even though I don’t speak Hindi, I’m pretty sure it translated to “short her 2 slices of ham”.

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