Sticking it to Rite Aid

Or not, really. But they think I did, and that’s what counts.

The manager of my local store has clearly instilled the fear of armageddon in his staff about letting people use coupons, so it freaks out the cashiers whenever I pay too little. I’m pretty sure they report my transaction, and the manager then lays down a new rule so that I (or anyone else) can’t do something similar again. Now, I’m not doing anything even remotely shady – I never have a problem at other Rite Aids, just this one. Guess you could say I’m violating local store policy but not corporate policy, so HAH. Here’s what I did…

I crashed in a Splenda raincheck and got 2 boxes for $2.99 each, total $5.98. Then I got 10 packs of gauze pads and rolls that were Buy 1 Get 1 Free this week, at $3.49 each, total $17.45. I threw in a gallon of milk for the teen shelter @ $3.09 for a total of $26.52. First, I applied a $5-off-$25 purchase coupon (which scans fine everywhere but at this store – I’m convinced the coupon-hating manager has the machine set so sensitively that it only picks up half the coupons presented, so it had to be entered manually, which most refuse to do outright) and then started with the manufacturers ones. Which is when the real fun began. I handed over my $3-off-2 Splenda coupon, and nasty old Ara the cashier screams at me, “why didn’t you give me this one first??” to which I answered “why would I?” We stared each other down. She called the shift supervisor over, who told her there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. Ara was still pissed. So I completely horrified her with five $3-off-2 Johnson & Johnson First Aid coupons, which the supervisor had already ok’d. Ara then engages her in a discussion about how many I’m allowed to use, and is now looking ill as she sees my $48 bill (pre B1G1 Free, pre raincheck) shrink from $26.52 to $3.52 – less than I used to pay for a single box of Splenda. To add insult to injury, I paid with a GIFT CARD – hah! She starts bitching to the cashier next to her in their native language, and although Hindi is not in my linguistic repertoire, I’m pretty sure it translated to “this beeyotch is robbing us blind, I’m reporting her to the manager”.

Know what this means? I won’t be stepping foot in that store before 6pm for at least a month. I haven’t been in that store in about a month anyway, and the only reason I did today was that the first store I hit was out of the B1G1 products. I wish the receipt had that “how are we doing” feedback request so that not only could I pretty much paste this whole blog entry into their survey, but be entered for a chance to win $5K for the privilege. Know what’s really quite sad? Rite Aid is on the brink of bankruptcy, and I have not been shopping there (or at any Rite Aid) anywhere near as much as I did before I started couponing because of the way they treat me.

Feeling emboldened, I took another $1 coupon to Subway and got a 12″ double-meat beef brisket sub. Extremely tasty! Half for lunch, half for dinner. I just finished a massage appointment, and thankfully the pervert who was scheduled afterwards showed his true colors via text (“do u hv a hot body”) despite my thorough phone screening (“you know I don’t do happy endings or anything remotely sexual, right?”), so I was able to cancel him. And now I’m on my way to pick up my second lunch-size tote at Whole Foods and return a tube of gel cleanser with a broken cap at CVS. Yup, it’s a rockin’ Friday night in NYC for MMK.

8 Responses

  1. Hi! Just found your blog, and I’m loving reading about someone saving money in a big city!! Very inspiring!

  2. Holy canoli. I can’t believe the attitude. Sheesh. I would just go back with tons of coupons just to annoy them.

  3. Have you heard that Walgreens discontinued the Easy Saver program as of May 1?

    • Yup…miss those rebates and the 10% bonus. Since I can never get the total down to 22 cents the way I can at CVS, it somehow felt better doing it with the rebate money on a gift card. Boo.

  4. Only in NYC!

  5. Ha, you’d think it was coming out of her paycheck! What would they care, i don’t even think Rite Aid is a franchise operation.

    • I know I wrote “sticking it to Rite Aid”, but really it was for their own good. Had they rejected any of my coupons, I’d have walked (as I’ve done before) and they’d have lost a $26 sale plus whatever incentive they get from Johnson & Johnson for running a B1G1 deal – bearing in mind I got 10 products. And if they were easier to deal with, I’d have done several of those transactions that week.

  6. You can still report feedback to RiteAid HQ, or tell another store’s manager b/c likely they operate under the same district manager the way most chains do.

    Seriously if they are not following the coupon policy as all the other stores in the area, you should complain why that store will not be getting your business.

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