Free is FUN!

I guess you could call it an offshoot of my new coupon craziness, but quite a few sites that succinctly compile the deals for the drug stores also list freebies. Most of them are free samples of things that just aren’t worth filling out the online form for, but others are totally worth pursuing.

Like those free reusable shopping bags for Earth Day/Week. The best of the bunch so far is the one I wouldn’t have known about any other way: the lunch-size tote from WholeFoods-Sheryl Crowe-Oprah. There’s another one due by mail in about a month that I stumbled across in the blogosphere, we’ll see how that one looks and feels.

On Monday, I got a free piece of KFC’s newly rolled-out grilled chicken. Unexpectedly delicious! In the process, I signed up for the Colonel’s Club and got coupons for cheap meal combos relevant to my zip code (which I suspect will be rejected, but I’m hopeful).

If I had a Baskin Robbins nearby, I’d be getting their 31-cent scoop today. Same goes with Carvel, who are giving away something along the lines of an ice cream soda 4-7pm tomorrow. However, I do have a coupon for a freebie from Cold Stone Creamery as a member of their Birthday Club, and they’re just a 15-minute walk away.

But without leaving my apartment, I can sit here at my laptop and order up some freebies by mail. I only request things I actually want, and the fun part is that I forget about most of them as soon as I sign up — it means surprises in my mailbox a month later. Off the top of my head, I’m expecting a free magazine subscription (can’t remember which one, there are tons of free subscription offer out there, mostly of no interest to me), a razor system (Schick Quattro, I think…but maybe it’s a Gilette Fusion?), and a sample of something from the L’Oreal Revitalift skincare line (I think). I use a totally separate email address for this, and I’m bemused to report that I get no spam – just the occasional email newsletter if I ticked that box when I signed up, which I do if I want coupons from them.

In case you’re wondering what sites I peruse for freebie info:

3 Responses

  1. I do this too! I get a sample or two almost every day of the week, and I have more free magazines than I could hope to read (every once in a while, I peel off the labels and take a stack to the laundromat). And I haven’t bought razors in….I don’t remember how long.

  2. I’ll have to check out those links, I was just about to ask where you find such deals.

  3. i think it’s safe to say that the KFC brand was hurt at least a little bit due to recent events with their supposedly free grilled chicken

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