Rebate Nirvana: Being paid to shop

Despite the initial hesitation I expressed two months ago, I’m into the whole rebate thing all the way now. Last week I worked a deal at Rite Aid that theoretically qualified for five rebates and in the world of couponing is called a “moneymaker”. It involved buying two 45ct packs of Zyrtec allergy meds, which I don’t need but am sure I’ll have no problem finding a needy home for. After sale price ($26.99 each) and coupons (not a hassle-free experience, but not in the same league of obstructionism as my most convenient store), I paid $36 total, $10 of which came from wiping out a gift card from a Bayer aspirin deal that really only cost me $2. Anyway, this $36 purchase qualifies me completely for the following rebates:

$10 back on $50 worth of Zyrtec
$10 back on $25 worth of qualifying Johnson & Johnson products
$25 back on $50 worth of qualifiying Allergy products
$2 monthly Single Check Rebate (SCR)
$10 mail-in manufacturer’s rebate on a purchase of 2 x 45ct Zyrtec

Two of them, totalling $35, are being processed immediately because they come in the form of gift cards, independent of the monthly Single Check Rebate program. I’ll get $12 as part of my May SCR check (which currently stands at $34), and the other $10 should eventually arrive as a check from Zyrtec. In other words, I’m making a profit of $21. Now bear in mind that many of the avid couponers out there get excited about a $1 “moneymaker”, this is a pretty big deal in that world.


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