Friday night shelter delivery: The Prom edition

I showed up at the shelter last night with 11 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk, 15 deodorants and the 6 bottles of summery shampoo to find only about 10 kids there. I like going on Friday nights because there’s usually a large crowd – it’s when they tend to hold workshops about knowing your rights and stuff like that. It turns out that an organization nearby hosts a prom for either homeless or gay (or both?) teenagers. There’s nothing quite like seeing an 18yo trannie in a purple satin gown and gold dangly Magnum condoms for earrings.

One of the big gentle giant types, Black, thanked me for the great-smelling Tropical Falls Ban deodorant, and I told him I was still working on finding kitchen knives for him. He gave me this sweet look and said “Actually, the hypo-allergenic soap is more important. Did you bring any?” I’d completely forgotten, but I was planning to work the Neutrogena deal at Rite Aid today (soooo not looking forward to having my coupons scrutinized like they’re counterfeit) and I think their soap is hypo-allergenic. Hoping to walk off with 8 bars and will happily hand him half of that haul. Maybe I’ll get him a plastic case at the dollar store so he can keep it in his locker. In the meantime, I directly gave him a box of Apple Jacks to hold him over. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll make it back there because I’ve got three of my late-night business traveller clients in town next week (yay!!!). Hm, maybe tonight…

Update: Made it back on Saturday night with 7 lbs of bananas to make the trip “worth it”. Black wasn’t there, but I left his soap with “Sinead” (don’t know her name, a volunteer with a shaved head…yeah, I know, I’m showing my age, that’s called a Britney these days). I also brought another half-dozen deodorants, and they were snaffled up before I even had a chance to zip my empty bag closed.


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  1. Wonderful of you to make donations like that. I would like to do stuff like that, but my energy just means I never get around to rebates and such that make donations affordable. My mom does it all the time, though, so I suppose I’m riding on the coattails of her good karma.

    Just wanted to remind you, though, to keep track of all the items you give to the shelter. If you itemize your taxes, you should be able to take off the value of the items, rather than what you paid. (You probably already know that, but just wanted to be sure you were aware.)

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