When Olay is not Okay, they pay

I picked up a pricier-than-I-normally-buy moisturizer from the Olay Regenerist line as part of a deal at CVS about 2 months ago, and my skin didn’t like it. Heck, I didn’t even like it before it gave me a few pimples in places I never get pimples (cheek hollows) because it felt residue-y, which I hate. The break-out just gave me a good reason to email Procter & Gamble to ask if they had a satisfaction guarantee on this line of products. They emailed me acknowledgment, asked me to hold onto the product in case their lab wanted to test it for irregularities, and said they’d be in touch by mail.

Today I got a letter with a coupon for a free product of my choice from the Olay Total Effects line, which I think is the new name for the line of products I used to buy (it’s either that or Complete, I can’t keep track). Once again, I’m very happy with the response from Procter & Gamble. I really must make a point of sending them compliments as well as complaints.


One Response

  1. I own a handful of P&G stocks and I’m glad to hear P&G takes care of its customers.

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