Getting my hair cut on the barter system

I haven’t gotten a haircut since November, and it’s been looking downright ratty since March. I’ve been wearing it back in a clip all day every day, and I was planning to go to a cheap place on my next visit to my mother, where one of the stylists does a better-than-$15 job according to both of my very, very critical sisters.

I previously blogged about letting an almost fully-trained hairdresser-turned-banker cut my hair in exchange for extra time on his massage. His cuts are a bit plain, which doesn’t work all that well for my fine, silky, limp hair. Unlike the last two times he gave me a cut back in 2005-2006, he got very pushy about getting a discount on his massage. The cut is…eh. My hair looks better than it did before he cut it and the discount I gave him was half what I’ve been paying for a cut these past few years – but then as I was getting ready to leave, he said “don’t forget, you owe me 15 minutes on my next session”. If I wanted to pay the amount of the discount plus the value of that 15 minutes, I could have just gone to my regular hairdresser and left with a much better cut.

However, I’m in a phase where I don’t really care much about how I look, so it doesn’t really matter. So, since I only see him 2-3 times a year, I’m counting on him forgetting.

Thursday Update:  My opinion has changed – it’s actually a GREAT cut. Why the change of heart? Because it actually responds better to air-drying than blow-drying, which is how I like it. The only problem is that the front is a bit too short, but that’s my fault, I told him to.


4 Responses

  1. A good haircut is wasted on me since I hate the daily ritual of blowdrying and styling. I often just pull my hair back into a ponytail. So if having a stylish cut is not a priority, you struck a great bargain.

  2. Kate, have you tried going to a cosmetology school for a haircut? If you went once, scoped out those ready to graduate I bet you could arrange a swap! The one here is very cheap for a cut anyway, under $10(but this is small town Alabama LOL so its much cheaper)…I love going to ours, its a high school technical school and they do manis and pedis too! and the girls are really good at it, and serious about it!

  3. Vidal Sassoon in SF charged $16 for a student cut, but it took 2-4 hours out of my day to have it done. The money is for the chair rental and you do them a favor by getting your hair cut in whatever style they need to cut for their lesson. (Flyaway layer cuts do not look good on me, but a blunt cut or bob always will.)

  4. wow thats totally different from what they do here in Bama-it took 30-45 minutes, they cut it the way I asked and I paid very little! I also used to go to the one at the college I attended (15yrs ago lol) and got really great perms and cuts there for very little.

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