This Week in Freebies, Both Giving & Getting

Here’s an odd little round-up of all the giving and getting of freebies I’ve partaken of in the past week. What can I say – I have quite a bit of downtime these days, and this gives me something to do…

– An elderly couple was working a few deals at CVS, including two little containers of Mentos (lousy gum – loses flavor in 10 chomps). They handed over two $1 coupons for the Mentos, but they had expired. I fished out two current ones, and they were quite tickled. Value $2.

– M&M/Mars is having a Free Chocolate Friday campaign, and this is the second Friday I registered to receive a coupon for a free chocolate bar. Mm, Twix. Value $2.

– I got a haircut on the barter system. At first I felt a bit gypped, but I’ve since discovered what a great cut it really is. Score! Value $40.

– I’ve managed to get free subscriptions to Ode (a travel magazine) and Shape through Rewards Gold. I think I got one a couple of weeks ago for…darn, can’t remember, BusinessWeek? I don’t entirely understand how all that works, but assuming it does, I should start getting issues of assorted mags in my pigeonhole in 4-6 weeks. Value: $50.

– Exchanged Thai massages with a fellow therapist, then gave her 2 boxes of Raisin Bran and Alaway eye drops. She wants to learn how to CVS, so I gave her coupons to match up with Sunday’s deals and will guide her through it either in person or by email. Value: $100 for the massage, gave $15 of products that cost me -$4 (meaning I made money on the purchases).

– New client on Thursday night has her own web/phone-based business and offered to optimize my work website for search engine traffic, and then gave me a container of her too-big batch of homemade bruschetta to take with me. Value $3 and we’ll see about the SEO.

– Snagged free products or coupons for free products: Oscar Meyer hot dogs, popcorn (from Yahoo), DiGiorno Flatbread Melt, sample-size Hawaiian Tropic body butter, o.b. tampons & Fancy Feast cat food (on behalf of littlest sister, Starfish). Value: $13.

– Not sure if it counts, but I got two Buy-1-Get-1 coupons for Wendy’s Frosties, and will either share with my mom or, more likely, ask the doorman which of the two flavors on offer he’d prefer. Also got two BOGO coupons for Snapple. And tomorrow night, my mom is looking forward to the Ruby Tuesday’s BOGO entree deal, which includes some tasty “handcrafted” steaks. Odd word to describe food – I’m anticipating a rib-eye shaped like a daisy. Values:  $5, $3, $12-18 respectively.

– I dropped off the raincheck forms for that KFC free unfried chicken deal fiasco. And when I went in with my $3.99 two-piece meal coupon late last night, Shefaly the cashier loaded me up wih 2 drumsticks, 2 wing, 1 breast, and 2 containers of mashed potatoes. Value $16 for the raincheck items, $5 for the extra food.

– Hit up a street coffee cart around 11am for my favorite donut, and he gave me an extra one because he was closing up shop and would have just thrown it away. My waistline didn’t even need the first donut, so my doorman benefitted from the sticky nut-encrusted bun. This happens quite often. Value $1.

– Had a 9am client on Thursday, and my deal for working so early is that they have to bring me coffee. Value $2.

– In addition to my usual shelter delivery, I made a special trip for a boy with sensitive skin – Neutrogena hypoallergenic soap and a bundle of washcloths. Value: Soap will be free after rebate ($14 before coupons, $8 after, $8 rebate), 12 washcloths $3.

– Requested a free reuseable tote bag from Mantra Energy. Anticipating the usual quality of such things, so Value $1.

– In response to my complaint about a product that gave me pimples on my usually flawless cheeks (I get small pimples at my temples and on my chin, that’s about it), Olay sent me a coupon for a free Olay Total Effects product. Value $20.

– In the mail, I received a coupon booklet from Con Agra with one for a free bottle of Hunts ketchup. Also got a Schick Titanium razor. Value $12.

2 Responses

  1. Oh yeah the mags will come! I am totally drowning in free mags and I feel guilty because I really did intend to read them. I’ve loaned some to neighbors and even ordered some to go straight to the neighbors but my house looks like a magazine stand. My car looks like a magazine stand. Not sure why we’re getting so many free mags but this has been going on for the last year or so. And I didn’t realize that shaver was so expensive! Gave mine to a guy at the office. He seemed to be impressed. He said “oh this bad boy has FOUR blades. I’m gonna cut my throat off!” to which I said “please don’t sue me”!! 🙂

  2. I’m loaded with mags too. I actually get duplicates of several – comes in handy when they have good coupons inside!

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