Finally, some progress on professional training

January through March, I contacted a massage school in NJ every week by voicemail (they never answer the phone) and email about their Rolf Structural Integration program.  As if it wasn’t bad enough waiting 7 weeks to get nothing but a “we’ll let you know” email, they didn’t let me know. I kept in touch with the Rolfer who fixed the problem that 4 months of chiropractic adjustments and neurological testing could not resolve because he teaches at this school – otherwise, I wouldn’t know about the two-day intro workshop that starts in 12 days. I sent a pissy email to the “info” address about what it takes to get on their contact list, and dropped the person handling registration a direct email (already established that calling is futile). If they weren’t the only place to learn this particular skill this side of The Continental Divide, I’d have given up and walked away in response to their complete failure in communication and administration.

Okay, done venting. Now I’m freaking EXCITED that I will finally be taking the first step towards the closest thing my profession has to security: mastering a style where demand significantly outstrips supply, especially when it comes to female practitioners. The rough plan is to have all this training under my belt and the beginnings of a practice built by the time my lease is up for renewal again so I won’t pass out when the offer arrives in the mail…like I’ve done the last three years.

So fingers crossed that the registration email gets a better response than my inquiry emails. I’m guessing it will, since it will immediately add $325 to their bottom line.

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  1. Much good luck with getting registered for the course! My massage therapist friend has spoken highly of Rolfing, and of the difficulties in finding a qualified local practitioner.

    • Thanks – the two main schools for it are both in Boulder and both have the most ridiculous scheduling ever, making it awfully difficult even if you already live in Boulder. This 16-hour workshop won’t make me an actual Rolfer, but I’m hoping it generates enough interest to run the full course soon.

  2. Hey! I’m changing the subject for a minute and wanted to re-visit expired coupons. In the last few months I’ve come to find out that many people around the country can used expired coupons at their local stores. I’ve been sending out some and will send out more. I’m also sending unexpireds to a friend in another state and when they expire she’s sending them on to people that I’ve met on-line. If you are interested in sending any out please let me know and I’d be happy to coordinate something.

    • For a while, I was sending recent expireds overseas to military families, but I felt like I was going through an awful lot of effort without knowing what coupons were even useable. I often do “Random Acts of Kindness” on one of the coupon forums that hasn’t expelled me yet and send them to someone who could use definitely use them, e.g. an envelope full of yogurt coupons.

      • okay! sounds like you’ve got it covered. i would imagine you’re safe in your new forum. haven’t heard of anybody getting kicked out of anywhere EXCEPT HCW. (it’s probably an honor!)

  3. Do they not want students? Why would a school not get back to a prospective student, it’s crazy. I hope they finally respond and you are able to start your training. I’ll have to look up rolfing, but you’ve already planted the images in my head that this is NOT something I want to experience. I have a weak stomach. Lots of luck.

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