A morning of customer service fun

Over the last few days, I’ve been accumulating customer service issues to deal with. Magically, I found myself in the mood to deal with them all this morning…maybe because I got started last night with the snotty email to that massage school I’m hoping to attend next month. Anyway, here’s what I’ve got on the go…

Rite Aid
Actually the easiest on my list. I got my receipts confused and doubled-down on one offer accidentally. I had them remove it from my rebate account so I could resubmit it to my mother’s via fax. I just set my mother up with all the materials to take care of it with nothing but a cut-paste job and some scotch tape. I also submitted for my monthly rebate check:  $61.95 for stuff I only paid $38 for.  Hehe.

Right Guard
One of the cans of professional strength aerosol deodorant I picked up on a deal (meaning I got it for free) had leaked about 2/3 of the product – everything I’d kept in that bag was covered in a greasy film. This somehow came up in one of the coupon forums I haunt – a lot of people who’d done that deal were having the same problem. So I emailed Dial Corp. and gave them what looked like the lot number stamped at the base of the can. If a problem has been reported, maybe I’ll get a big coupon for something in their line of products. If I don’t, no biggie – it only took 2 minutes.

Major headache on Monday trying to use a raincheck – monumental lack of reasoning skills on their part. It was for Crest Enamel Shield products @ $3.49, get back $3.49, amount 4. So I got 3 toothpastes and a mouthwash, and they only issued one ExtraCare Buck for $3.49 (well, it came out $4, but that’s because the machine is set up that way). I pointed out it was for 3.49 each, and employee upon employee back up the first interpretation. God, I get so sick of blustery ego crap that prevails in this city. Even pointing out that they NEVER offer a deal where you get $3.49 back on 4 products (seriously, it would be a normal number like Buy 4 Get 10 ECB, not 3.49), got me nowhere. So I emailed CVS customer service giving as many names as I could remember as well as the transaction number on the receipt. If they don’t stump up the $10 in ECBs that I’m owed, I’ll return two of the products. I’d return 3, but I used a special coupon where you buy one toothpaste and one mouthwash, and you get a toothbrush for free. I could probably do it, but I’m just not that into sticking it to the pharmacy with the best loyalty program out there.

And now it’s time to dig through the unruly stack of papers behind my computer and see if there’s anything else I can chase up. And to be fair, I should give some thought to complimenting an employee or product, just so I don’t turn into one of those chronic complainers. Hm, what have I been impressed with lately…oh, I rather like the John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo/conditioner – the first volume product I’ve tried that actually feels like it delivers. And I like the Garnier Nutritioniste face scrub too – does a great job of dealing with cruddiness from sweat. And I was also very impressed with the cashier staff at the CVS in Astoria, who are clearly more used to handling coupons than their Manhattan counterparts. Okay, that should keep me going for a bit…
Update:  also sent kudos to Glade for their Fragrance Collection candles and Softsoap for their new body scrub/wash.

2 Responses

  1. Hey MoneyMateKate!
    Yeah tax in San Diego is 8.75 (more than LA!!!) so my actual OOP is a bit more. I don’t like posting my actual total since tax is so much less everywhere else…

    It’s a shame that you guys don’t have a clearance section.. That is the ONLY reason I even go to Walgreens because I hate that you have to have the same number of coupons/RRs as you do items. That makes it sort’ve tricky.

    At least you live in Manhattan! I would love to live there!

    Have a good day!

  2. By the way, it really sucks that you have to go through so much hassle with CVS. Every time I shop there, the employees are pretty much useless and never know answers to simple questions. Yesterday, I asked them when the ECB deals were going to be back in CA (no ECB because Savon was transitioning to CVS) but the guy was like, “Whats ECB? Oh, not for another 3 months. WE do it once every three months.”

    He obviously didn’t know anything about CVS but apparently he’s been working there for months!?

    Anyways, kudos for calling customer service & etc. You inspired me to do it also! =)

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