Updates on Customer Service Fun

Last week, I blogged about dealing with a few little shopping/product problems and balancing that with a few compliments where I felt they were due. What can I say, I don’t want to be a constant whiner. Here’s how they all turned out so far:

CVS (incorrect handling of raincheck/ECB issuance): they got back to me 5 days later with exactly the resolution I wanted/expected, but they said it was a courtesy rather than a policy. Apparently neither the store nor I had the right idea, but honestly, I don’t think the writer of the email had it right. Whenever I’ve cashed in a raincheck (and I do so once or twice a month), the manager prints the ECBs that the raincheck lists. The right way to handle it, according to the customer service email, is that they should have adjusted the price to take the ECBs into account. In other words, they should have just handed me the toothpaste for free. Hm, that doesn’t seem right either, though it would have been to their advantage since the usual way allows us to use coupons, thereby making this particular deal a “moneymaker”. Heck, just last weekend I got two Bic Soleil bonus packs (razor + 2 cartridges, with bonus pack of 4 cartridges) for $5.99 each, used two $2 coupons, got back two $6 ECBs. AND I had a coupon for “buy a razor system, get a free 4-pack of cartridges”. In other words, they sort of paid me $4 to take two razor handles and 16 blades off their shelves. Anyway, CVS did something on their end to generate an $11 ECB next time I scanned my card. Got it last night. Still, I don’t think I’ll do anything with rainchecks there again. Kind of a shame, since I have a lot of fun with the two assistant managers who help with the self-checkout.

Right Guard deo (can leaked 2/3 of contents):  No response from Dial Corp.

Rite Aid (I messed up the rebate input):  My mother faxed the receipt as requested, it should show up on her rebate account in a week or so.

John Frieda (shampoo/conditioner):  Complimented them on their Luxurious Volume product actually making a difference. Got a thank-you acknowledgement.

Garnier Nutritioniste (face scrub):  Complimented them on a fresh-smelling scrub that cleaned up sweat-related skin issues very nicely. Got a thank-you acknowledgement.

Glade (great candles):  Sent a very detailed compliment on two scents in their new Fragrance Collection line of soy candles and thanked them for the generous coupons they put out in the Sunday inserts. They thanked me for my feedback and are sending me a coupon for a free product! I hope it’s one of the candles – I’m a big fan of the 3-wick Currants & Acai.

Softsoap Body Scrub/Wash:  Emailed a compliment about the great texture and scent, no response.


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  1. I love sending letters (or now, emails) to companies to let them know what I think of a product. I recently did this with Ann Taylor Loft–a cardigan I bought less than a year ago has had more than half the buttons fall apart (not OFF, just APART).

    Unfortunately they wouldn’t do anything like send replacement buttons. They recommended I go to a button store and buy new ones, which is too bad because I can’t figure out how to actually take the remaining buttons off and replace them–they’re sewn on like reinforcements on a sail or something. I figured at least with replacements, I could break those and glue together the parts that keep falling off.

    Oh, well.

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