Teach a woman to shop, Part 2

Ayten the Working Poor Mom emailed me a couple of days ago about a hopitalized friend of hers in need of a little “fairy godmother” treatment and requested a nightgown and some toiletries for her. She picked them up from me at lunchtime today, along with a bag of goodies for her and her kids. She was wreathed in smiles as she told me how she’d made chicken parm for two nights’ worth of dinners out of the ingredients I’d given her on Friday.

She had a moment, so I described an easy way to get free money from Walgreens this week: print out a $2 coupon for any Ecotrin, buy the 45ct heart-health Ecotrin on sale for $2 this week, get a free bottle of aspirin AND a $2 coupon to be spent on pretty much anything. It says it can’t be spent on dairy, but in NYC they don’t really fuss about that exclusion. You can print two coupons per computer, so I told her to have her daughters print them at school if possible or maybe do it at the library too. As long as whatever Walgreens she goes to isn’t out of stock, she’ll get lots of $2 Register Rewards to spend on things she really needs. I suggested she hold onto one or two of them until the week of 6/14, when eggs are on sale for $1.50 (never gets cheaper than that around here) and there’s another opportunity to make money. Although I don’t think the Walgreens system is the best for spending the least, (a) it’s the cheapest to get started with, and (b) unlike CVS, there’s a Walgreens one block from where she works. That week, there’s a deal on St. Ives body wash, so I’m going to scrounge up as many $1.50 coupons as I can – that one didn’t make the NY Times insert last month. If I can, I’ll show her how to buy a body wash and a box of Mac & Cheese for 19 cents plus tax (about .45 total) using a $2 Register Reward, a $1.50 coupon and a sale item, get back a $3 RR to spend on whatever she wants, and hopefully hold onto a few for the next opportunity to make a few bucks’ worth of store credit for future milk, eggs, tuna, etc.


6 Responses

  1. You are so cool. Seriously!! I think this is great!

  2. A lot of times you can get more than two coupons per computer if you go through various other links. I kept finding the $2.25 off Ecotrin and printed a bazillion of those. But my Wags won’t adjust the coupon down or the price up so I ended up trading my coupons on the last Ecotrin deal, and this time I just ended up buying two Ecotrin’s, paying $1.75 and getting one RR. When the $2.00 IP finally showed up, I had hit print limit on most of the computers! Much better though when you can start for free with the $2.00 one! And just in case you didn’t know, some of the Ecotrin boxes have a $2 off coupon inside the cardboard of the box. Mine ended up having them. I think it was the boxes not marked 2/$5 but I’d have to re-check.

    • I know about the $2 coupon inside the box – it’s for 60ct or higher if I remember correctly, but the scanner will take it. You just need a cashier who doesn’t scrutinize the darn thing (I profile cashers and have found one particular type that universally has the anti-coupon chromosome). What can I say, my coupon morals are that if the scanner accepts it, game on.

      I’ve been trying a bunch of links for good coupons – haven’t found one for the Ecotrin. It did reset a few days ago, so I got 4. I envy those who were able to work the glucose meter deal, but I wasn’t going to go out of my way to get a coupon for a controversial deal. What a shame, I’d have loved to have handed Ayten a few $10 RRs that cost me nothing.

      • okay, thanks, good to know i didn’t screw up then! i hadn’t looked at the coupon in the box. and i haven’t done a meter deal but where i hang a lot of them do. and they give the meters to charity or wherever. it really sounds like it would be a great way for ayten to get her foot in the door. and again, where i hang, the people usually have so many meter coupons that they end up giving away the extras to anybody in the forum that wants them. a lot of times i find great q’s though just by switching zips. one day something is in one zip and another day it’s somewhere else.

      • http://coupons2.smartsource.com/smartsource/index.jsp?Link=SMSDIDPQ6KSES

        here’s the $2.25 ecotrin. seems to be the one i always find whether i like it or not.

        it’s from pathmark coupons…

  3. and now that i’ve said that….i just realized i ran through wags tonight and DIDN’T pick up more Ecotrin! i should have grabbed the q’s from the box but i forgot all about them. lol…somebody smack me!

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