It’s a Brave New Craigslist World

This morning, I finally bit the bullet and paid $10 to put an ad on Craigslist Therapeutic Services. I rewrote it in the morning, submitted it for approval at 1pm, and it went live at 3pm.  Within 90 minutes, I had 4 responses – saw one at 4:45pm, was unable to accommodate another due to a previous booking but anticipate he’ll try again tomorrow, and one was looking for a style I’m not trained in. AND it was a rainy day – notoriously bad for business. I haven’t had this kind of quality activity from craigslist in years.

For the past 8 months (when they started charging over on Erotic), the posting rate was such that, at 6 hours after posting, my little ad would be 15 pages back. Now, it’s still on the front page. And it will be for most of tomorrow if you click the tab for Manhattan results only. I’ll repost it on Thursday afternoon for $5.

I always knew that getting most of my business from one source – especially Craigslist – was a flawed situation. So the pricey changes to the system forced me to walk the walk and try other things. Luck conspired to set the stage for this just one day before Craigslist started treating massage like prostitution with their fees: my phone sex client (who might be reading this blog, so I’ll point out that she is the owner, not a phone-moaner) liked to optimize little people like me for search engine traffic and watch things take off.

She gave me my first lesson on Search Engine Optimization last night. Utterly fascinating. Honestly, it’s got me wanting to dust off my old master’s in linguistics and dissertation on writing for the internet, and hang out my cyber shingle for SEO-related writing services. It’s going to be especially easy for me to take advantage of SEO techniques for my NYC massage market because it looks like only one other massage service has made an attempt, leaving an awful lot of juicy material wide open for me. We massage therapists tend not to be terribly business-minded – in fact, that’s something that Bluejay mentioned when she told me about her business networking group. Anyway, upon hearing what kinds of domain names were still available, both my client and her husband just kept shaking their heads, saying I’d be so busy that I’d have to outsource. I don’t know about that, but a MoneyMate like me can dream 🙂

I’ll share one lesson I learned last night:  If you check the availability of a domain name and it is indeed available, buy it asap. I didn’t quite catch the ins and outs of how, but there are companies/individuals who track what has been searched for and not bought – and then buy it so that you’d have to pay them a premium rather than $8 or whatever to get it. Seriously, it can go within an hour. So if it’s important to you, don’t dither.


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  1. Hang on: “So the pricey changes to the system My phone sex “?

    But great news!

  2. Thanks for pointing out a mid-thought edit that I didn’t complete. At least it was amusing!

  3. I have a go daddy account and I’m able to snap up various domain names for as little as $1.99, sometimes .99c depending on if it is .com, .biz. .net, etc. The account was free. I also renewed the domain name for my “real world” web site at about 1/3 rd the price I was paying with my previous domain name holding company.

    • I use 1and1, and they’ve got a great hosting package for my needs – $5/month. Domain names with .com are $9, currently discounted to $7 for the first year. I can live with this expense.

  4. yes i love godaddy too. i paid $1.99 for my domain and i have watched those auctions a few times. doesn’t look to me like most of those sites sell for their unbelievable price tag but like you say, if it’s open and you want it…grab it! the most i spent was for privatizing it and then i brought myself out of the closet for COUPONS! lol.

  5. Looks like your investment paid dividends. Would love to read your adventures in SEO and domain name purchases.

    • Oh, there will be more, including a post later today since I spent yesterday evening eating her cooking experiment and learning more about all this.

  6. Thanks for posting about this. Had a feeling that the fee would make a post worth more, but wasn’t sure about it. However, it looks like most of the ads in the therapeutic category for san diego and los angeles are almost entirely erotic services transfers…so much for tamping down on the confusion!

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