CVS: We’re having it my way, Jose

Earlier this week I emailed CVS customer service about the anti-MMK coupon policy at my local store, the shift manager who wouldn’t give me his name (good thing I caught it before I knew I’d need it), and overall cluelessness about rainchecks. I had previously had a run in with the night manager there, who wasn’t on shift that night, and quoted the internet-printed coupon policy to him. In the end, I used different coupons and said I’d call corporate. He said “go ahead, I don’t care”. I didn’t bother at that time, figured I’d just avoid shopping on his shift. However, Jose was there at the time and, a month later, remembered how he was supposed to treat me based on his boss’s hardass stance. Anyway, I heard back from CVS yesterday and the details have been passed on to the District Manager.

So Mr. “You don’t know my job better than me” Jose is about to find out that when it comes to coupons and rainchecks, indeed I do.

June 12 update:  District Manager called me this morning and wants me to mail him the coupons that were rejected. He stated an overall lack of fondness for people who get $6000 of stuff for $19 (he was citing a specific example), and I warned him that I was one of those people. He’s focusing on this attempted transaction though, which works for me.


2 Responses

  1. Hah! Good for you 🙂 and is his name really Jose? cuz that is awesome.

  2. You’re right, they can’t be picky and choosy just because you are (REALLY) good at couponing with CVS. 🙂

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