I need to blog about something brilliant

I was contacted by a reporter from Money magazine regarding a comment I left a month ago on Pants In a Can. Brainy Smurf had blogged about Bank of America slashing his credit limit in half, and I chimed in with:

Oh, Brainy, we have too much in common with our credit cards. We seem to be the first to be hit by any changes. They halved my credit line last month as well, from $24K to $12K. I don’t really have a problem with this – it never should have been $24K in the first place. This is a much better approach to protecting themselves from customer defaults than Citibank’s idiotic rate game.

Since I don’t list an email address on my blog, the journalist contacted me through the comment section on my most recent post – the one about Bridezilla’s wedding costs. I’m glad she didn’t hold that bit of fluff against me! And it also reminded me how micro-PF my blog has been lately. I need to write something really, really smart – and smartass, because I wouldn’t want to be accused of pseudo-intellectualism. Or bore my faithful little gaggle of readers away!

4 Responses

  1. dude, just keep doing your thing 🙂 i find your style awesome, no matter how smartass, fluffy, random, or just plain intelligent an article is at the time. it probably depends on your mood too (if you’re anything like me) and that’s great!

    it’s what blogging is all about, baby.

  2. i agree! i love all your stuff! you have a way of making PF NOT boring!

    and i examined my toothbrush the other day and it’s the one you reviewed. all i knew was that it was a cool pink one! but yeah, it is kinda pooping out already. lol…

  3. That’s so awesome that you’re recognized for your snarky smartness. Rock on, MMK!

  4. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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