Ah, the ‘burbs…home to friendly CVSes

Oh boy did I enjoy my drug store games in the suburbs of New Jersey this past weekend. They had almost everything in stock even on the last day of the sale, when coupons gave a bad beep for whatever reason, they knew where to look on the coupon to ascertain its legitimacy and then keyed it in, and not once was I treated like I was trying to commit grand larceny by getting $36 worth of goodies for 16 cents (yes, people, that’s exactly what I did). It brought back fond memories of my drug store sweep through Astoria, Queens two weeks ago, where everything went so smoothly that I became nostalgic about how good I had it back when I lived there.

It was also the Land of Double Coupons and sick sales – I had fun with the flamboyant cashier at ShopRite, who gave me a fake hard time about rainchecks at just the moment when the rain started hammering the roof and you couldn’t see out the doors. I walked out of there with 6 boxes of Duncan Hines brownie mix, 10 x 8oz chunks of Great Lakes cheddar and monterrey jack, 2 Knorr pasta sides, 2 bottles of Ken’s marinade, 2 bottles of Wishbone Ranch salad spritzer, 12-pack of Thomas’ English muffins for $18.37 – about half of which is for my own use.

I was pretty happy with my ability to meet more of the things on my “adopted family’s” wishlist. Walgreens in the burbs had Cutter mosquito repellent on sale for $3.59 and I had a $2 coupon. In retrospect, I should have bought more than one, but I’m hoping that CVS will have a good deal on this stuff too – I spend less real money in their system. I also decided to stop playing games by having a third CVS card in my sister’s name and burning her $19 in ECBs. It’s just too hard dealing with all that in Manhattan, and really, it’s just piggy of me. I used some of them on CVS-brand bengay to hold Ayten (the mom) and her arthritis over for a couple of weeks until CVS has their somewhat decent deal on the real Bengay. I also haven’t come across a good deal on soap (bar or liquid, for hands) in a while, but I seem to think one is coming up.  I’d pick up some Safeguard or Ivory at the dollar store, but I’m now a little nervous about them not being “real” and somewhat dangerous in a Chinese baby formula kind of way. I also have a lot of coupons for OTC sleep aids, but haven’t seen any sales. Hurry up, dagnabit, the woman is too stressed to sleep. I gave her a week’s worth of melatonin tablets to see if they work – I’m hopeful because it’s somewhat natural, non-addictive, and cheap cheap cheap. She’s also going to be the beneficiary of the dozens of SoyJoy bars CVS was essentially giving away, along with half the cheese and brownie mixes from my 88-cent raincheck deals. My mother also pitched in a pound of bacon and half a pound of butter that she got for a total of $1.34. She likes to be offhand about it because she’s afraid to care and then find out she’s been deceived. I totally get that – I just happen to feel pretty confident in my ability separate the wheat from the chaff these days (except when it comes to my lovelife, of course).

Speaking of my mom, I can’t figure out if she likes my drugstore games or not. She seems pretty into it when we’re in the stores – I give her tasks, like go hunt down shelf tags and stickers for things that are on 75% discount that I might have coupons for (scored some $10 L’Oreal cosmetics for 48 cents this way), or go pick out something you want for exactly $1 at Walgreens to “fill up” a Register Reward. She certainly didn’t mind walking out of there with free Oreos and Ritz! And she looked adorably suspicious at the new Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets, insisting that I try them first. 

I also added some new items to the Purple Box for Starfish and the Lime Green Box for Bridezilla:  I found a purple net food-protector to keep flies off stuff in the CVS dollar bins, and chewable SweetTarts in a purple package. B’zilla is getting sour apple Laffy Taffy and round cocktail toothpicks in containers with green caps.

It’s fun shopping for free. And if it’s not free, at least it’s double-couponed into submission!


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  1. I put some more coupons in the mail to you today– hopefully you’ll get them in a couple of days and you can get some more steals!

    • Aww, thanks! I really appreciate you doing that. There have been some really good, useful coupons published lately that don’t make my papers (Colgate, Speedstick, Stayfree, Kelloggs, any gum but Mentos). Like, I never get any of the Unilever ones and can rarely get my hands on more than one copy of the P&G ones. So THANKS!!!

  2. If you don’t already use Iheartcvs.com I recommend it. She usually has a few weeks worth of ad previews that could help you plan what/when you could score goodies for your adopted family. She also has previews for Wags and Rite aid on their companion sites of Iheartwags and Iheartriteaid

    • Oh yes, I love the iheart sites. She comes across unusual online printable coupons before anyone else does, which can be really important when bigger sites pick them up – they get heavily downloaded and then yanked for their excessive popularity. But not until I’ve printed what I need 🙂

  3. I’ll get some coupons for you, it’s been awhile since I’ve sent you any. We’re only halfway through the milkbone bonanza that you helped us to. I’ve let my Sunday papers pile up for a few weeks, I think there’s a P&G insert in there. I don’t have the time to be the coupon queen that you are, I’d rather just send them to you!

    • Thanks!! Do you want some more BOGO MilkBone? The inserts from about 2 weeks ago had them again.

      • MMK I’d love some BOGO milk bone coups. I can send you some personal care coups from my personal stash. Let me know if you’d be interested in trading and what type of coups you could use.

  4. I totally agree that couponing in Manhattan is so frustrating. The cashiers start to say they can’t take your coupons for some reason before they actually look at it! Really I don’t get it and it makes my blood boil. Now that Rite Aid changed it circular to have NO deals now, I am re-thinking my hobby.

    Anyway love your site and keep up the good work!

    • Glad you enjoy my ramblings! One of the reasons I do all this is to keep myself busy on quiet days and get myself out & about. Now I only really do that for Walgreens. Rejecting my perfectly valid and legitimate coupon transactions makes me want to do sneaky underhanded stuff (yes, there are options) out of spite. The rest of the country is having a great week at Rite Aid, while I can’t even get the 99-cent Mentos gum. Spit. Curse. I often take the subway to Astoria on the weekend to do my deals – one stop has a Rite Aid right next to it & a Walgreens around the corner, and another stop has CVS. Full-size circulars for RA & CVS!

      • yup! I have to start doing the Astoria thing too. I do it because it is so fun and who wants to spend their money on shampoo and razors?? I would rather use my money for trips and shoes! Every penny counts and it keeps my mind busy working all these deals;)

  5. No. 1 Brother = Dark Green Box
    No. 2 Brother = Dark Red Box
    Note – numbering is their chronological order of disrupting my young life. I have a habit of picking out things for each of them in specific colors, which luckily align with their own preferences. So nice idea for Bridezilla and Starfish! I have been informed that no man “appreciates colored cloth napkins” by no 1 (he’s now 25, no 2 is 23) and I had to correct him that they weren’t FOR him, they were for whomever he could convince to let him make dinner in his house.

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