It’s a sweet week to book flights

I’ve been stalking a few destinations for upcoming trips – Vegas for late July and Aspen in late September. The prices for both destinations have dropped dramatically in the last 24 hours. I’m no long planning to go to Vegas because I want to take a different massage course than the one being held there, but I saw direct flights for my desired dates & times tank 28% from $404 to $289 between 4pm and 10pm yesterday. And half an hour ago, I nabbed the exact flight times I wanted with decent connections for my sister’s wedding for $280 inc taxes — down $100 from yesterday.

I also gave into one of the little money-saving things that a lot of PF and coupon bloggers rave about: eBates. So I got my $5 sign-up bonus plus 1% of my flight purchase, and I’m kicking myself for missing out on 6% back on last week’s order from Vitalicious.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, you did great! We can’t win ’em all. I passed on that free umbrella at Rite Aid the other day. Not sure it would have flown at my store and I had a bunch of other stores already on the agenda. Some people reported the umbrella as butt-ugly, some say it’s wonderful. Guess there must have been a variety of stock in stores. Oh well, I better not kick myself either! I did grab the $1.99 curling iron at Walgreen’s using their coupon book in the pharmacy section. That was my “bonus” prize for missing the other!

    • Ugh, I’m sorry my area Walgreens didn’t have those $12.99 hair dryers giving the 10RR. I knew mine was on the way out, but it’s official – it only blows cool.

      • Maybe they’ll do it again. I did notice the pink hair dryers were marked $12.99 the other day. So not all Wags did that? All I remember was that it seemed like an iffy deal. But I didn’t follow too closely. Well, that cool blow dryer might be perfect for Florida!

  2. Manhattan gets a reduced circular, and the hair dryer deal didn’t make it. Even if a price scan came up $12.99, it wouldn’t have produced an RR.

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