Already working on my Christmas giving

Last year, after seeing the horrifying prices at Toys R Us, I put together craft kits from dollar store deals to donate to Toys for Tots. This year, I’d like to do something nicer, and I’ve begun the hunt for quality gifts for dirt cheap.

On one of the coupon blogs I follow, they pointed out that a $5 online coupon for Pictureka applied to an item that goes for $6.50-$7, and Target accepts internet printed coupons. I printed two, will have my mom print two, and will hit up Target in a couple of weeks. That’s a quality gift for super-cheap.

I love the Clearance Table at Staples – you never know what you’re going to find for a dollar. In April, while snagging my free Earth Week reusable shopping bag with any purchase, I snagged cute bubbly neon green calculators and packets of stickers for 50 cents each.

All the promotions this past spring on those cute-as-hell, full-of-attitude hair products by Got2b mean that I have quite a collection of goodies for teenagers, both boys and girls. I think I “paid” a total of $4 for 10-12 bottles.

I’m also working the clearance cosmetics at CVS and Rite Aid. They often whip through their stock and mark certain lines down 75%. L’Oreal is especially good at putting out $2 coupons, and 75% off a lipstick/eye shadow/mascara that normally goes for $9-10 brings the cost down to bottom-of-your-handbag change. It’s not hard to figure out that teenage girls are delighted with gifts like this (as are the drag-princess boys at the shelter I donate to, but I find that creepy). Feel free to let me know if make-up “expires” – I don’t wear the stuff myself, and my memory of “old make-up” is that it’s related to when you open it.


2 Responses

  1. It does expire! There should be an expiration date on it. If not you can call the manufacturer and give them the product code to make sure

  2. Yes it expires but unopened should last easily till christmas. Makeup goes bad more quickly once it’s opened and exposed to bateria etc. Just keep the packages in a cool dry place till then.

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