Welcome, MSN MoneyCentral readers … Family, Go away!!

Someone over at MoneyCentral, who thinks it’s unfair of me to call my sister “Bridezilla”(!), thought my post on some of the unusual things she’s doing for her wedding were worth a larger audience. Thanks, MSN! And welcome to everyone who has clicked through for a poke around my blog…


Some of the details in my piece were unmistakeable to those who know about the wedding. I’m not sure who stumbled across it first on MoneyCentral, but I suspect it was you, Aunt Lolly (aka Bridezilla’s godmother). Don’t take it personally that I blocked you on Twitter – I only talk to strangers there about some of my silly money-related shenanigans. I’d reject my mother if she tried! Now do everyone a favor and forget you ever found me here. Go on now, go. All of you. Shoo!


6 Responses


    Oh… that *wipes tears*

    “Go oh, SHOO!”

  2. LOL. Brave woman to write a post like that. You’re just Soooo popular. 😉

  3. Ha Ha!~ I blocked my own stepdaughter, because….well, you gotta have boundaries, ya know?! Shoo indeed!

  4. too funny, mmk!

  5. Oh no! I worried someone from my family would find me based on one of those MSN stories too, there is enough detail for someone close to me to figure it out. I can’t believe your family came across your story, crazy. Well I hope they get the hint and move on.

  6. Kate, I hope that family members’ discovery of your blog hasn’t created too many complications. And thanks for explaining at Smart Spending why your sister is called “Bridezilla.”

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