A shout-out to my new “helper”

I’ve mentioned before that other people have helped my charity activities (unsolicited, which makes it all the more meaningful) by sending me their coupons, jumping into the fray at the shelter to cook for the masses, donating to causes I’ve blogged about, and one even mailed a $25 Walgreens gift card for me to pass on to the family I “sponsor”. You are all soooo awesome for doing all this — and for putting up with some of the odd things I do and write. Those of you who’ve met me have continued to read, communicate and meet up, so I’ll take that as a sign that I’m not too much of a whack job.

Anyway, my newest “helper” is Debbie over at On The Banks of Stony Creek. Last month I mailed her the Zyrtec I’d made money on at Rite Aid — oddly enough, no one I know or help suffers from hay fever/allergies. She offered to PayPal me some money for them, but I declined since I’d actually made over $20 on the deal. Well, my fellow CVS nutcase (and I mean that in the most complimentary way!) found a fantastic way to repay me this past week…

I don’t have the right coupons to get diabetes test meters for free that will generate a $5 ECB — in other words, free money. There are two types of meters and the limit on each is two, so do the math…that’s $20 free money to spend at CVS. I also haven’t figured out a place to donate these meters, so instead of having her mail me coupons for a product I might not even be able to find or find a home for, I gave her the phone numbers associated with the cards I use. In other words, this wonderful Coupon Crazy generated $60 worth of store credit to use as I please, and snagged 12 more meters to donate to her patients.

Debbie, you ROCK.

2 Responses

  1. How cool.

  2. Have you thought of asking your local American Diabetes Association office? They usually have health fairs and such where free meters are distributed.

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