Back from Florida – Worth Every Penny

Monday afternoon I got back from my trip to the Florida panhandle for a 3-day seminar in Myoskeletal Alignment. Even if I never use the material or just can’t develop a talent for it, it was worth it because ohmygod, I am pain-free. All that Rolfing I had early this year fixed the new acute pain, but not the chronic old pain – I didn’t even think it was possible. However, the last few months I’ve had increasingly persistent daily headaches, and the neck discomfort I was waking up with was getting worse.

To make a short story long, I twittered about registering for this course, and one of the teaching assistants found me and we started “following” each other. I felt a little silly because my Twitter identity is related to this, my hobby, and not my profession. In other words, he gets to read fascinating things like “Delivered 15 boxes of cereal and 15 deodorants to the teen shelter” and “Got $84 worth of stuff at CVS for $1.78”. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, he sent out a tweet looking for someone local to do some typing in exchange for a 30-minute session with him. I did it, and collected on Sunday morning before class. He got about 15 minutes into it and called over a fellow teaching assistant to take over, because the other guy had moves he didn’t. Well, this bodywork tag team worked what so far appears to be lasting magic.

I honestly did not realize how much discomfort I was in every waking moment. Taking a sip of coffee, opening the microwave door, turning my head, putting on my sneakers…I was constantly expecting pain, bracing against it, moving to avoid it. I could get relief from a chiropractic adjustment, but that only lasts for about 6 hours. I used to get awesome, enduring treatment from my osteopath in Scotland, but not here, and it’s been 9+ years since I’ve had access to him.

My Myoskeletal Alignment treatment was 84 hours ago and is still holding. 84 pain-free hours. Now I’ve got to either find someone local who does this or become a groupie and follow these two pairs of golden hands around the country getting treatment wherever they teach. Because if I’ve learned nothing else from this line of work, I know that 16-year-old problems don’t get solved in 40 minutes. But no matter what, it was worth every penny I spent on course fees, airfare, hotel, etc. just to find this out. Heck, I may even take the course again in November to solidify my knowledge and tweak my technique.

On the business side of all this, I’m trying to line up people with specific problems/joints that I’ve learned to treat so I can practice and get things to the point where I feel comfortable stating that yes, I can fix plantar fasciitis/IT band syndrome/frozen shoulder/neck cricks/etc. I’ve successfully talked my cousin into letting me whale on his hip this Sunday – he’s 38 and in the past 5 years or so has been suffering terribly from pain related to being hit by a car when he was 7. However, I had tentatively lined up a few financially-strapped clients for 30-minute freebies on their major pain centers and no one has replied to my emails in 2 days despite their initial enthusiasm. Just further proof that no one values “free”.

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  1. I wish I were in NY. Then I would definitely want some “free” help. I am also willing to pay for a good massage, but I rarely do.

    • So you need to let your people know who you like to get a massage from so they can give you gift certificates!

  2. I take the FREE help too if I was in NYC!

    • That should say I’d take the FREE help if I was in NYC! Envelope on the way to you – mailed this morning.

  3. Oh girl, I’m coming back for a trial! My girlfriend does fantastic deep tissue but can’t do anything for my myriad other problems.

  4. Oh you know it. This has been a ROUGH week. Pain’s feeding on itself for one thing. I think it’s causing teeth grinding while I sleep so I have another thing to be annoyed by when I wake up hurting. Etc.

  5. that is GREAT NEWS!!! i’m very happy you found an answer to your chronic problem. and if it’s anything like the success i had on my chronic problem, i would guess you shouldn’t need a lot of follow-up help. i’ve been without my “chronic problem solver” for four years now and since he did get to the bottom of it, i haven’t fallen back into needing adjustments every few months. in fact, i haven’t had one in several years and i’m just fine. good luck and congrats!!! gosh, with all you accomplished daily with the pain, imagine what you could do now. watch out new york!!

  6. I had NO idea that chiropractic treatment could only last 6 hours for some people? I’m so sorry that you’re in such intense pain ALL the time! =(

    have you ever tried acupuncture? that is supposed to work miracles. i know at least a dozen people that have done it, even with ailments for 10 years or more and it did wonders for them. it can also cure the most random things also. everything from your monthly cramps to headaches, etc.

    do you get massages at all? i know they don’t bring lasting relief but even if its temporary, it might be worth it if you happen to find a good masseuse. i’ve had back problems for years and I only got my first massage after I started working at Massage Envy. Your first massage is $49, which is a LOT cheaper than any other place in my area. If you sign up for their membership, I think its like $59 a month but it includes a free massage and any additional massage is $$49/59 (I don’t remember which)

    There were a lot of retired athletes that came in and said they loved deep tissue massages and hot stone therapy ones so HOPEFULLY it might benefit you if you’re not able to find someone that does the myoskeletal alignment in your area.

    not trying to advertise Massage Envy cuz I hated the people that worked in my branch but the massage therapists were so good that the schedule was packed pretty much everyday. they’re even open late (till 10?). there are some in new york, lots in NJ, whichever is closer to you. =)

    i really hope you find someone that does the alignment though! =)

    • Acupuncture hasn’t helped – in fact, I have a rather odd reaction to being needled. I burst into uncontrollable tears (a new phenomenon, started about 5 years ago).

      What I had done to me in Florida, what I learned, is actually classified as a form of massage. And yes, I get worked on at least twice a month in my little exchange network.

      I really wonder about the Massage Envy model…it sounds an awful lot like the way a chain of English schools in Japan was run, and students/customers felt like they got a great deal in theory but then could never get a lesson because they were always booked. Both have quality providers (teachers/therapists), both were/are significantly underpriced for their market, they’re biz is based on some kind of membership package, etc.

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