Mom: “You can’t repay me with coupons!”

I decided to handle my $9K whole life premium as an annual payment, due next week, and borrowed the $2K shortfall from my mother rather than use my emergency fund (sorry, I’m not sharing the reasoning behind this). My mother, the Blond-Blue Dimpled DEVIL had a good giggle about role reversal – this is the first time ever that she would be loaning me money. Oh yes, there’s a very loooong history of me lending money to my parents, but never the other way around.

Sometimes we get goofy about bits and pieces of cash, and it goes a little like this:

Mom:  You paid for dinner, which was $10 more than the lunch tab I picked up. That’s not equal.
MMK:  I make 20% more than you, so it’s fair.
Mom:  Your rent is 130% more than mine, so no it’s not.
MMK:  Fine, then you pick up the sales tax and leftover bits on our CVS transactions.
Mom:  (after CVS) That was only $5.30. I still owe you.
[Mom now dramatically pulls out wallet and starts holding up coins to the light, squinting with one eye]
MMK:  (with ostentatious magnanimity) Keep it – chauffeur fees, for carting my ass around to 3 different stores today.
Mom:  Okay! [Puts money away in her most miserly manner, then cocks one eyebrow and sticks her hand out] Gas money is extra.

The deal we made was that I’ll pay her back in big fat chunks by the end of the year, but if at any point she needs it all back, I’ll pull it from my savings. Then, I swear, I could hear her eyes narrow in suspicion over the phone, as she added: “You can’t repay any of this with coupons, you know. Saving me $8 at the grocery store with your coupon shenanigans does not come off your bill!”  Oh, well, now – she just made it way too easy to tease and torment her for the next few months. Heh.


8 Responses

  1. She is wise to your coupon savvy tricks. I still can’t get the hang of it. But I think that’s partly because I don’t go anywhere near a CVS on a regular basis. I have to go out of my way for one.

    • I go out of my way too – Manhattan CVSes are mean and have 4-page circulars, so I head out to Brooklyn or Astoria on the subway when the deals are good.

  2. Hah! I love your mom. You can tell her she produced a brilliant daughter
    too for me 😉

    • Someone is still basking in the glow of his “Blogger Crush”, isn’t he.

      This is the same mom who learned how to work two phones at once to vote for Adam Lambert. So of course you love her!

  3. I’m laughing aloud at the interaction between you and your mom. Too cute! My mom always questions me when I buy her lunch now that I’m a grown up with a real job, so I tell her, lovingly, that it’s pay back for one of the thousands of meals she’s prepared/bought for me! I figure that will keep her quiet for a while!

    • My other line is “You gave me life, so the least I can give you is steak.” She has yet to come up with an argument against that!

  4. You and your mom are too cute!

    By the way, lots of Sushi places have reduced their prices because of the economy. Quite a few of them are at least 20-30% off. I even found a place that is 50% off! AND they have deep fried california rolls with some crazy delicious sauce on them.

    go look in NY! I actually thought NY was known for having amazing food for really cheap!? lots of hole-in-wall places. =)

  5. Your mom is funny!!! Good that she caught you on the repaying with coupons you lil sneaky one. LOL.

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