I hate shopping for clothes

I hate clothes. No, I’m not a nudist – I just hate shopping for them, and lead the kind of life where I can wear clothes that are barely more restrictive than pyjamas. But I mostly mean that I don’t enjoy clothes shopping. All that on and off, the unforgiving lights in the fitting rooms, and in Manhattan, the tightly-packed racks and even more tightly-packed shoppers. A fews days ago, after my mother took little sister Starfish shopping for a bridebitch dress and a few other things she needed, she started in on me about what clothes I had that would be suitable for our 5 days in Colorado next month. She was quick to stipulate that black yoga pants and Old Navy t-shirts don’t qualify. I couldn’t come up with a single garment, and was promptly ordered to report to NJ where I would remain until I, too, had a bridesbitch dress and at least one more outfit.

Could she pick a more uncomfortable day to go shopping?? The 100 feet from the parking lot to the mall door = 1 layer of sweat. In and out of weird origami dresses = 1 layer of sweat per 4 dresses. And one of the stores felt very humid, like their a/c was on a brown-out. O, the misery! I attempted to make it into a frugal adventure by googling up printable in-store coupons — got one for 20% off clearanced merchandise at Lord & Taylor and one for $15-off-$75 purchase at JC Penney’s — but that really did nothing for my grumpy stickiness. Know what really didn’t help? My mother remarking what a shame it was that I’d gained back so much weight in the last year. Like 3 sizes. But this blog is called MoneyMateKate and not OverWeightKate for a reason… Anyway, it took 14 dresses to find ‘The One’ at Lord & Taylor: it looked pretty good (or at least, good enough), and it was $145 marked down to $87, and then another 20% off with that printed coupon. Wow, a truly re-wearable bridesbitch dress for $70. Sweet. Then she let me pick up more black yoga pants and t-shirts (along with black jeans that will pass muster for the rehearsal bbq) with the JC Penney’s $15/$75 deal.

Hey, if I was going to be forced to buy new clothes that, yes, I undeniably needed, at least I got to save $33 over and above the already decent sale prices. And that $33 covered my train ticket and supermarket double-couponing. It feels good knowing that I got the retailers to pay for my first unpleasant visit with my mother in over 15 years. Now hopefully she’ll go back to being the blond-blue-dimpled wiseass I love hanging out with.

4 Responses

  1. I need some new clothes but I’m putting it off till I lose a few pounds. I dread going up a size and I’m sure I’ve gone up at least one since the last time I shopped. Sorry your mom made it such an unpleasant experience, but at least you are set for awhile now.

  2. That’s what mothers are for: biting the bullet and making YOU do the same. 😛

    I’m refraining from whining back at my place about how “wear cute shoes and flashy accessories” cannot possibly be directed at ME … I don’t own a belt! Flashy accessories what?? *sigh*

    At least you’ve got that out of the way, now you can … oh wait, shoes. Darn. Online shopping!! That’s how I’ve (unsuccessfully) searched for shoes the past 12 months. But let’s be fair – I doubt I would have found shoes I liked and was willing to pay *that kind of money* for even in-store.

  3. Gosh I hate clothes shopping. I’m hoping that my little sister’s roommate (they just moved to DC) will help me visit thrift stores and the like. She’s got a good sense of style, plus she’s financially savvy. I don’t have enough momentum to go shopping on my own unless I’m in desperate need of something (e.g. my jeans suddenly threatened to wear a hole near the crotch).

    As Revanche says, that’s what moms are for.

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