Help me play Robin Hood?

Okay, so I buy-for-free from the big retailers rather than steal from the rich — but the fruits of my crazy coupon labors find their way to the poor much as Robin Hood’s booty did, so I’ll draw the self-aggrandizing parallel anyway 🙂

Quite a few of my readers have expressed an interest in helping me with my efforts, and a few have even been mailing me envelopes of GREAT coupons, so I figured it was time to compile a more focused list of what coupons would do the most good. Generally speaking, anything for shampoo, dental care (especially Colgate and Reach!), first aid and OTC meds/products, deodorant, cereal (Kelloggs puts out the best and I never get them!), fem hygiene, razors (I never get the ones for Bic). The regional variations on my Sunday coupon inserts always leave out Unilever (Ragu, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Skippy, Lipton, Dove, etc), Colgate-Palmolive (in addition to the obvious, they also put out Softsoap and Speedstick, which are often on special promo), Procter & Gamble BrandSaver (they come out about once a month, and I usually get my hands on 1-2 copies), and as of this month, it would appear that all the Garnier lines are no longer in my regional insert. That one particularly sucks because there are always deals on their hair products – the broke folks like the shampoo, my mom likes the dye.

Some of the best coupons out there are internet printables (IPs). Most of them are limited to 2 print-outs per computer, and I only have one computer. I can occasionally get my mother to help, but her inkjet is very low-res, which means they don’t always scan. Some of the coupons I’ve linked below require a “sign up”, but I’ve already signed up for them all using a throw-away email, but that wasn’t as necessary as I’d thought — while some require you to subscribe to their monthly newsletter or something (like Colgate), they’re all reputable companies that don’t sell their email lists. So no spam and no junk snail-mail either when I’ve had to include that for some reason. If you’d like to help me out, here are the “hot” coupons I would LOVE :

 * = could use asap for deals this week and next

A few things to know about this:

  • To print the second one, it’s best to use the back button. Sometimes you have to go back more than one page (I often find it’s 3). In the case of, you’ll just go back and “clip” – after you print it once, it goes to the last page of available coupons, fyi.
  • You might be asked to download a coupon printer, which I’ve never had issues with. Just make sure you don’t download the coupon bar – not the end of the world if you do, but there’s no point.
  • If you have trouble printing, paste the link into a different browser (Internet Explorer -> FireFox). Some coupon sites don’t work on IE8.

Now for a truly key point:  print before the end of the month! Many of them either reset (meaning you can print them again!) or disappear completely on a monthly schedule.

If you decide to help me, leave a note in the comments and I’ll send you my snail mail address.

15 Responses

  1. Thanks for the match-ups. I was not able to purchase a paper this week so I am short coupons.

  2. i’m in! i don’t get some of those either but i always have a boatload of IP’s!

  3. […] is asking people to help her play Robin Hood. No, she doesn’t want to steal from the rich, she just wants help with getting coupons which […]

  4. me me me! 🙂

    Not sure if you’re signed up for the P&G emails, but just in case you aren’t, the brand saver is supposed to come out again this Sunday.

  5. I have more coming your way. I also have some sitting at my house right now that I put aside for you. Naturally, I wouldn’t have both piles together. Sigh.

  6. I can’t wait to help you. This an amazing idea and what a way to ‘pay it forward’

  7. It definitely helps to know what coupons you need, I didn’t know if you’d use food ones. I’ll start sending cereal coupons cause we rarely use them, I only thought you wanted toiletries. Hey I got a P&G in the mail the other week, that’s how I got doubles to send you. One from the paper and one set from the mail, I’d never seen that before. Glad to help, I don’t have your knack for couponing but I’m certainly capable of wielding scissors.

    • Certain food ones are very useful, especially if they’re for less than $1 because my mom’s supermarket doubles those. The “worst” coupons are the “$1 off 2” because they don’t double, don’t match up too well with the deals where the limits are 1, etc.

      Thanks so much for the last envelope – I actually pulled out quite a few immediately to use this week 🙂

  8. I don’t have coupons to share but I do know a lady who could really use the items. Just let me know if you can help in this manner.


    another $1 off two Kashi cereal link (exp. 12/31)
    i swore i posted this last night. maybe it’s having a delayed reaction. (i’d post that smiley here but it’s too goofy!)

  10. Hi Kate, I read your blog often & I am so impressed with your personalized charity accomplishments. This is the first time I have commented & I would love to help you out by sending useful coupons. I do some “shopping for free” for myself & the local food pantry, but you are so much more advanced than I am. You are my inspiration!

  11. I so wish I could help with this! I don’t have a working printer at home and my work printer won’t let me download ANYTHING. None of it will work. 😦

  12. Email me as I can def help with the Sunday inserts. My local free daily has a Sunday edition with lots of coupons. No one reads the paper or cares for the coupons so they end up on the street gathering dust or in the trash. I can probably collect 10 or so inserts or more depending on how early I’m up and scrounging for the paper.

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