Swagbuckers: Can I borrow a $5 Amazon gift card?

A couple of weeks ago, I told my beloved readership about a mom-of-9 from the Bronx whom I’d helped out with a care package…and then met up with again a week later to give school supplies. Well, today she emailed me about her 6-year-old with a bad case of canker sores, asking if I thought she should make him rinse with peroxide. I thought it was almost Twilight Zone weird that only an hour before, the freebie blogs had all put out a link to a coupon for free CankerMelts, and I had thought – nah, I won’t bother with that one, too hard to give away. Now I’m hoping the stores actually have them in stock!

Then she told me that she just found out this week that Little CankerSore Boy didn’t have any school pants that fit. She had hit up three Good Will stores and they didn’t have black or gray in his size. As you might imagine, a woman with 9 kids isn’t going to enjoy shopping excursions much and doesn’t have extensive internet browsing capability (Sidekick), so her attempts to find affordable pants yielded a best price of $20 a pair, and he needs 5 pairs – not doable on her budget. Since I’m such a good shopper, she thought I might know where to get a great deal since she couldn’t come up with that kind of dough for one kid’s school needs.

After deciding that I’d contribute 2 pairs no matter what, I took a cyber-stroll over to OldNavyWeekly to see what they had on the go. This week’s selection kinda sucked – I was hoping for a 30% off coupon, but most of the “achievable” ones available specified men’s/women’s clothing – in other words, not valid for a boy’s size 8. So I printed a $10-off-$50 purchase and am crossing my fingers for a decent Labor Day weekend sale. I’ll be visiting my mom in the burbs this weekend, so there’s always hope for an amazing sale at Sears or JC Penney’s or Kohl’s. I emailed Mom-of-9 about my plans and the two pairs I’d be getting her, and she was quick to let me know that she was happy to buy them herself, it’s just that she didn’t have access to a decent deal. Now…how do I hand this exhausted welfare mom 5 pairs of pants and ask for money? I can’t do that, I just can’t. 

…and then I had a stroke of genius: Amazon! I have $20 worth of gift cards I got for free by accumulating Swagbucks (see left sidebar), and there are pants that match Ricardo’s (aka CankerSore Boy) needs for $15-$18. So I can get 2 pairs with free shipping for $10-16. I’m pretty happy with that. And then I remembered how so many of you have readily stepped up to supply me with coupons, and figured it might be worth putting out another little appeal:

Do any of you savvy Swagbuckers have  a $5 Amazon gift card to spare?

I’d like to “borrow” one – meaning I’ll give you a future $5 Amazon GC code (you’re welcome to donate it to this little project, but this is my cause, not yours – I’m just happy to have the loan!). I earn one every 2-3 weeks and am one little Swagbuck away from my next GC, but they take about a week to process. This way I can get 2 pairs for completely free, or maybe pay a little and get a third pair depending on the response. Hoping to place the order asap. Anyone…?


14 Responses

  1. I have one that is pending. If it posts in time, I will gladly send it your way! 🙂

  2. I thought it was time to de-lurk today to share this link:

    It looks like size 8 boys’ pants run about 8.50 here…I’m not sure what the shipping is.

    I really think what you’re doing is great! 🙂

    • Thanks for de-lurking with that wonderful link! Especially since the $8.50 pants come in gray, which is surprisingly difficult to find. I just found out that the mom prefers the flexi-waist style because the kid is very active, so we’ll see. It’s definitely worth it for 3 pairs even with the shipping…

  3. I have one pending since 8/25. If I get it in time I’ll send it your way. 🙂

  4. i can probably borrow one from a little friend when he gets home from school. about noon pacific time and 3:00 florida time! will let you know.
    there’s also a $10 off $10 at Torrid. That sounds like teeniebopper clothes though:


    Clearance items have been marked down an extra 50% at Torrid. Register on their site and use code BDAY09Y for $10 off $10 or more!

  5. or 30% at aeropostale:

    Extra 30% off clearance items at Aeropostale with code 30OFF, expires 9/7


    • Sadly, Torrid is meant for plus-size girls and her kids are all skinny. And Aeropostale doesn’t do kids’ sizes…but hm, doesn’t look half-bad for me 🙂

  6. my little buddy hasn’t shown up on-line yet.

    but correction to that Torrid code. should have been


    she had a typo in it.

  7. well crap! my “little buddy” came on-line earlier and sent me messages about everything but that. guess that was his way of saying “no”. and the little bugger is always asking other people for stuff. guess even 15 year olds can be selfish little brats! so sorry. 😦
    see if i send HIM any more free coupons!

  8. Just want to say how great of a job you’re doing! Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer, except words of encouragement – hope you find a great deal!

  9. Oh sorry, don’t swag. But that is a really, really cool thing you are doin’.

    But I do have (4) $10 off your next in-store purchase to Old Navy purchase of $50 or more. Can use w/ kids purchase. Send me your address if you want them and I will send them right off. Good until 9/30/09.

  10. Some of those Aeropostale things are pret-ty darn small. Even too small for ME so I figure a child might be able to fit some of their stuff. I still don’t have enough ‘bucks to send along yet, but I will keep an eye out for anything you might find useful.

  11. I just got the notification that a pending amazon card was activated. If it would still be useful, let me know by email & I’ll send you the code.

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