Helpers: New coupon requests

For some upcoming deals that’ll keep my bizarre Retail Robin Hood activities going…

.75   Mom’s Best Naturals oatmeal (fill in form, no spam, print twice)
$2 Any Tylenol Cold product
$2 Sudafed Sinus & Pain 12Hr & $2 Sudafed Triple Action
$1 Wheat Thins
$1 Wet Ones
$1 Tone body wash or bar soap
$1 Cheerios – might not work
$1 Pillsbury Crescent rolls – NEW LINK as of 10/7
$1 Starbucks Frappuccino (bottled) – as of 10/6, no longer printing
Hellmann’s & Knorr – in Spanish, may require a form to be filled out but it’s all Unilever and totally trustworthy
.50/2 Libby’s vegetables – need to download coupon printer (easy, trustworthy)

All of these printable coupon links give you 2 prints using the back button (usually have to go back 3 screens) and are meant to be used in Internet Explorer.

I got next to nothing useful in my last batch of inserts – seriously, if they’re regional for NYC, why do we get stuff for septic tanks? Anyway, I’d love to get my hands on the following manufacturers’ coupons that came out in the Sunday newspaper inserts in the last few weeks (the ones with * came out 9/27, while I was away):

*Vicks $1
$2/2 Kellogg’s cereal
Bic razors
*Colgate (paste + brushes)
$2 Tylenol 8hr
Johnson & Johnson
$2 Sudafed PE
Fancy Feast Appetizer BOGO (for my little sister’s cat, who saved her life – woke her up when her living room went up in flames)
$1 Herbal Essences
*Gillette – $4 Fusion razor, $2 deodorant, $1 body wash, $1 shampoo/conditioner
*Crest assorted toothpastes
*Secret deodorant
*White Cloud toilet paper
*$2 Venus razor

Due out this weekend are the following coupons that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to parlay into some great freebies:  $1/2 Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, $3 & $1 Glade candle, .35/1 Dial soap multi-bar or hand wash, Yoplait, Bengay, Tylenol, Dove (I never get any, and there’s a special coming up at Walgreens), Gillette razors, Kelloggs Eggo waffles (never get any of these either), Sudafed, $1/3  & $1/1 M&M/Snickers/etc.

I realize some of these look odd for donation and care packages, but bear in mind that a lot of them make a product free or nearly free and help fill up a $5-off-$25 purchase (or similar) order for little more than sales tax. For example, I did a couple of deals with just such a coupon yesterday at Walgreens, which allowed me to use the “free money” on milk, 3 dozen eggs and 6 cans of tuna – very popular and healthy items. And yes, you see a big focus on OTC meds for colds and coughs because ’tis the season to be sneezin’ – and I help out 25 teenagers & adults plus another 10 kids.


9 Responses

  1. Good morning,
    I have a lot of the Q’s you have requested…last week, I bought 10 extra papers for the inserts, plus I had 2 of my own and 2 from friends. I can mail them to you on Monday….do you want to email your address?

  2. Thanks for this list and links to get coupons! I am totally using the Frappuccino Starbucks this weekend! Can’t make my cheap coffee at home when I’m gone on a quick vacation. Perfect timing. Thank you.

  3. Rats, the Frappucino and Pillsbury links won’t work.

  4. Also, it’s sort of driving me nuts that the coupon printer auto-prints so I can’t select grayscale. Thoughts?

    • I have no idea, but it seems silly that it wouldn’t be possible. Can you change within your printer settings?

  5. Drat. Figured out the printer settings and links for the Pillsbury too late for your deals this weekend. Sorry!

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