Indecent Proposal: We all have a price – what’s yours?

This question has been brewing for a few days now, and the strangest things have unfolded…

I mentioned in a past post about how I’ve been offered $1000 for sex by a couple of clients (all massage therapists experience this, it’s not a reflection of my behavior!) and dismissed them immediately without the slightest twinge of temptation. I then proceeded to have some hysterical conversations with assorted people in my life about what it would take to get you to cross that line. After all, we’d all do Robert Redford for a million dollars – even you straight guys would, if you’re honest! In fact, wouldn’t we (men and women) do just about anyone for $1 million? But the real questions are:

What is the minimum you would do it for?

How did you come up with that figure?

The people in my “real life” had some fascinating answers and reactions (bear in mind that this question was asked of most of them about 4 years ago)…

Bridezilla:  About $15,000 because that would cover tuition for nursing school.

Mom:  $500 as long as the guy wasn’t too old or smelly or ugly. I was all ready to call her a cheap floozy, until she explained why: that would be enough to pay for a ticket to visit her daughters in Aspen and treat them to dinner a couple of times. Aww.

Extremely Moral Best Friend:  A year’s salary, about $100K, which at the moment would wipe out her car loan and most of the remaining balance on her mortgage. She was at a business conference at the time that the Elliot Spitzer escort scandal came to light, and remarked to one of her fellow conference attendees at the bar one night, “How can she be worth $3500? What is she doing in those 30 minutes??” The guy looked her dead in the eye and said “I’d totally pay that much for you”. She thanked him for the compliment!

Stock broker client:  Said there wasn’t a single woman in his sphere of acquaintanceship who’d say no to that $1000 and thought I was a dumbass for walking away from it.

Older, slightly famous client, after telling him about my family’s responses to the question: “So, can I book your mother for a massage?”

Disclaimer:  This is all hypothetical, philosophical and hopefully highly entertaining – it in no way should be interpreted as solicitation!

16 Responses

  1. For your average guy, it’d be well over $250k, i.e. noncompetitive. For a downright icky, guy $500k. For a really hot guy, minimum of $100k depending on how skeevy he made me feel. Because the $100k would pay off most or all of our debt. The $250k would allow for a downpayment on a house and some retirement savings. The $500 would do both plus more retirement savings plus a couple spa trips and really thorough scrubs.

    All hypothetical because I really don’t know what I’d do when offered the money. I still might turn them down. (This is all under the assumption that I’m married and my husband is ok with these high numbers for a one-time thing.) Single, maybe a little less. Depends on how nihilistic I’m feeling that night. Probably no less than $1k.

    However, (hypothetically, if I weren’t married), an average or good-looking guy who I had a great rapport with would have to spend considerably less to get me into bed. But it would involve time spent dating, hanging out, getting to know each other, the sort of commitment that purely financial hookups like this are all about avoiding.

    • Well, bear in mind that no one (presumably!) answering this question is a professional prostitute, and I’m not talking about answering someone’s ad off craigslist. In my situation, the offers come from men with whom I’ve been having a conversation for at least an hour and have seen all or mostly naked (boys…such exhibitionists!) – plenty long enough to know if they pass your most basic criteria.

  2. Well, to take that offer, I would have to either (1) lie to my husband or (2) tell him straight to his face that my promise of sexual fidelity was worth a set amount. I am very lucky – I don’t have any unmet needs that could be satisfied with money that would be worth doing that .

    Assuming arguendo that I had decided to do so, I would be more interested in a disease history than how physically attractive the person was. After all, all cats look alike in the dark.

  3. oh, lol. well as they say, talk is cheap. my only advice is have the money IN HAND first! as for their medical history, well you can probably pay someone to have anything written down that you want. so, there you have russian roulette.

    • I’m not looking for advice! Just how much it would take to get you to cross the line to the Dark Side. I’m still giggling over Lost Goat’s “all cats look alike in the dark” remark.

      • lol i know you weren’t. i was referring to your friend’s $3,500 offer. most people have a weak spot somewhere … but it might not be for money!

  4. $276,358.17

    That would be exactly enough to wipe out our mortgage and my student loans.

  5. As a single gal with horrible luck in the dating arena, I’d have sex for free if the guy is hot. Oh heck, I’m gonna make him pay for a nice dinner first.

  6. I wouldn’t do it for any amount. I’m too much of a romantic, too much of a believer in personal integrity, and too much of a Catholic to even consider that sort of thing.

  7. I love, love this post and the answers to them. Moral Best Friend: totally flattering! Good for her. Mom: too sweet. And I love the client’s response to your mom. And of course, I would of slept with Robert Redford in a heart beat (I already had my dream like that with him – HOT). 😉

    Ya, I do it for $3500. Heck, I might even do it for a $1000 if the guy was hot and/or there was some type of chemistry. Heck, I’d even do a girl for that. lol.

  8. I just don’t think I would be able to go through with it…

    I guess $200k…I would be able to pay off my mortgage and put a chunk in savings…

  9. I realize that I must have reached some new milestone when I was floored over how small the amounts are that folks are (hypothetically, I know!) willing to do the deed for. Holy hell!

    Seriously? Hilarious. But then I’m reminded of the dudes I have slept with over the years that I *should* have received some kind of compensation for. Oy.

  10. Wow. Just wow. As for me, that would probably ruin my love life completely so I’d need to be compensated at least 1 mil, if not more. 🙂

  11. Hmm, first I will admit that the price probably depends on how attractive I found said man. For someone totally repulsive it would be very very high. Half a mil maybe. But for a hottie, it would be far far less. He he.

    $3500 is for a high priced call girl, generally a higher caliber than your run of the mill prostitute. My close friend once met one, both beautiful and brainy she reported. She must have cost a lot to take out, she lived in a very nice corner of LA and had been sculpted by the surgeon’s knife to perfection. She was the sister of a friend.

  12. Hiya — in case you didn’t see, you WERE linked the entire time on my post. But my new design template had visited links in black, the same color as the text, so it didn’t show up right. All fixed now, thanks for visiting! =)

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