Thanks, Swag-mates!

A few of you signed up for Swagbucks through the button/link in my sidebar and have been doing a great job of racking up the bucks for us both. So….


… to Alison P and Jillian D, who as of today, have earned enough for a $5 card.
… to Marci A, who started more recently and has been scoring bucks diligently.
… to Jennifer J, who earned a few, stopped, and it looks like may have restarted her Swagbucks searches. Go Jennifer!

A few others have signed up but haven’t gotten into the swing of the Swag, but I’m hopeful they’ll be inspired by the prospect of earning enough Swagbucks for an card or two to offset their holiday shopping. Also, if the selection of cute Halloween swag for under 100 Swagbucks is anything to go by, it should be easy to fulfill the Christmas fantasies of all the people in your life who love reindeer antler headbands and jinglebell vests. In my world, that would be my mom. She wears flashy musical pins on snowman sweaters just to embarrass us, and then scores free blinking red Rudolph noses at the mall for our stockings.


9 Responses

  1. lol, thank you for reminding me! my mother did the same thing. if it made noise and/or was obnoxious, she was all over it! oh i miss that.

    • When boyfriends receive a musical Christmas tie, we know Mom approves. She embraces her dorky streak.

  2. You are welcome! I wanted to sign up under you because you are so awesome with saving money and sharing your low-cost resources with other people in need!! You are one who deserves praise and recognition for your efforts!!

    • P.S. How many ‘bucks’ do you need before you can get an Amazon gift card?

      • 45 – and I found the best “strategy” for scoring Swagbucks is to have their toolbar. That way it can be your no-thought-required search engine. Another great way to find out about random codes is to follow them on Twitter, if you do Twitter. So even without you wonderful newbies earning me a matching buck for the first 100, I’m getting 3-4 per day most days.

  3. Oh ok, thanks. Yeah I use the toolbar on my home computer and it seems to work pretty well. And their Twitter account and Facebook fan page are helpful as well.

  4. I’m one of those losers who signed up and never used it. I’ll just add it to the “to-do” list!

  5. I too wanted to sign up with your referral link, since you do so much good with your charitable giving activities and I enjoy your blog. I ‘ve done some donating of my coupon finds, but I don’t have anywhere near the coupon skills! I’m happy we’re both able to earn some swag bucks through my searches.

  6. I’m the Jillian that signed up through your link! reiterating others that I used your code specifically because of all the good that you do. Keep it up!

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