What to do when someone laughs at your coupon habit

Here is the easiest way to quiet the mild ridicule that emanates from any friend, family member, or even co-worker:


If there’s one toiletry item that everyone knows the price of, it’s a good razor – because the shelf price and even the sale price of your reputable brands are painfully high, especially for the blade refills, that it sticks in our memory. So when someone has the gall to bust your chops for using coupons, give them one of your many, many Gillette (Fusion, Venus), Schick (Quattro, Intuition) or Bic (Soleil) razors – if it’s someone you’re really close to, go on, give them two.

Their eyes get big.
They ask “are you sure?”
They want to know what “free” means.
And then they never make fun of you again.
Heck, they might even come to your defense if anyone else starts picking on you.


8 Responses

  1. Good point! People usually stop making fun of me when I give them FREE STUFF.

  2. I like that! Those things are crazy expensive, ESP for guys.

  3. Doesn’t anyone else use an electric razor? I love mine, even though it was just a small cheapy. It’s been a lot cheaper than disposables and A LOT less wasteful, too. Plus, no need to sit in the shower wet and freezing while I shave.

  4. Your approach seems kind of like you want to beat them and force them to believe that what you do is “superior” in some way. And at least with me, it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t think you were handing me the holy grail because you gave me a free razor or two.

    I think the extreme coupon thing is great for people who want to do it, but I am not like that and don’t need to be. Sometimes I feel like you’re becoming like one of those super-evangelical Christians, only with coupons instead of Christ.

    It’s up to you how you want to be, but if people are teasing you, it may be because they’re sometimes getting tired of hearing about it.

    • In real life, the coupon stuff only comes up in conversation as “I need to get to CVS by Sunday night”, not as an endless list of steals and deals. Nor do I ridicule anyone for paying full price (though I do wince inwardly from time to time). My Evangelical Couponing is reserved for blog fodder precisely because I don’t want to bore the @ss off everyone in my life, and readers always have the option of clicking away. Oh wait, sometimes I bore my mom — I keep thinking she normally likes the arithmetic gymnastics as much as I do, just not with coupons. Unless it involves free bacon 🙂

  5. I’m happy you enjoy and are good at the coupon games, that way I can send them to you and you can score some great deals! It isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should make fun of someone for extreme couponing. Laughing at someone’s coupon habit points to some serious insecurity.

  6. Man, that is so true! I would love to get the Intuition razor for way cheap. Do you see any of those on your daily deals?

  7. Isn’t that the truth. I pay a gazillion dollars for my 8 razors. So, does that mean you are send me razors (see addicted comment Coupons Giveth and Taketh Away post). LOL. J/K

    Actually, I think it is great what you are doing and wish I had the time & effort to this task. It would be nice on my part to send these toiletries to the Soilders in need. Man, I couldn’t think about being a woman out in the desert with limited toiletries. *cringe*

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