Black Friday Fizzle

That’s right, no Doorbusters or Midnight Madness for me and mine this year. Okay, so we’ve never done that sort of thing, but we all say we would for the right deal on something we really really wanted. We started our shopping around lunchtime, and by then the parking lots were normal and so were the crowds. Either everyone was pooped from their 4am start, or Black Friday was a fizzler in the suburbs of New Jersey. I’m leaning towards the latter, because I know what it has been like historically.

My brother and I both needed some minor home furnishings – he wanted maroon sheers for his dining room windows plus matching placemats and a runner, I wanted copper curtains and rug for my revamped studio (ditching the blue and purple color scheme for blue and copper, and maybe green). We both found what we wanted at decent prices, though I pulled a nice one by ordering my rug from Home Depot’s website rather than buying it in the store – free delivery trumps lugging it on the train, the rug was discounted 20% online, there was a $5 online coupon code for Black Friday, and I get 7% back through eBates. So $159 got pared down to $112.50.  And I was delighted with the curtains because the big built-in rings will be much easier to glide along the rod than my current set.

Oh, I also scored a sale on Christmas stockings at the Dollar Tree. Remember how I agreed to put together 15 stockings for HIV/AIDS-affected women? Well, it looks like the Dollar Tree put last year’s cheap stockings on half-price discount, so I got 15 for $7.50. Very happy with that.

I spent Saturday at my aunt’s for whatever you might call a meal that starts at 3pm, and solved a little problem I didn’t realize I had brewing. The chemicals that they spray my apartment with as part of the bedbug treatment, though environmentally friendly and surprisingly natural (e.g. rosemary essential oil), hit me kind of hard. I’m getting my third and final bedbug cryo-blast and pesticide spray on Friday. About an hour or two after the treatment, I’m supposed to open the windows and leave the apartment for at least 30 minutes while the place airs out. It’s not going to air out enough to avoid the nauseous headaches by bedtime, so…I offered my cousin in Brooklyn Heights (the one who gave me the $50 Starbucks gift card for giving his wife a massage last summer) my babysitting services so they could go have a Date Night. My fee would be permission to spend the night on their couch, and they could stay out and pretend like they weren’t parents all night if they want. A win-win situation!

On my way back into the city, I decided to hop into the K-mart by Penn Station to pick up paint since I had the curtains with me…uh, the curtains…uh-oh. Crap. I left them on the overhead luggage rack on the train. The train that, uncharacteristically (meaning I’ve been using NJ Transit for over 20 years and had no idea they ran trains to Connecticut??), was continuing on to New Haven and not sitting idle for 20 minutes while it reloaded. I spat, I cursed, I growled, I texted, then I hopped the subway home and submitted a Lost & Found claim form on the NJ Transit website in case there was some good karma going around.

Fingers crossed.

4 Responses

  1. So, no news on the curtains yet? Bum.

    That is a great deal on the stocking at the dollar store. Love that place for items such as that.

    I think the fact stores are trying to make Black Week instead of Friday and opening stores on Turkey day takes away from finding that ‘great’ deal. I don’t think they considered the psychology of it when stores decided to extend “Black Friday”.

    I didn’t score any great deals. Well, I did save $5 on a $60 Build a Bear Certificate and recieved 2 stuffed animals for her stocking (value $14). I guess I did okay.

    Now if I could only find free shipping on the stadium chairs I want. Not having any luck today online. Hmph.

    Well, I hope your curtains turn up. 🙂

    • If I get those curtains back, I will be shouting it all over my little cyber world. It’s been nearly 48 hours, I haven’t lost hope yet.

  2. Oh-my. I hope your curtains find their way home! I didn’t head out until Saturday night and only did the big-3 drugstores or usual deals. No holiday shopping yet.

  3. Oh no! I hope your curtains turn up. We went out at midday as well and the crowds weren’t too bad. I prefer online shopping so hitting the stores for Black Friday isn’t high on my priority list.

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