The Sheer Poetry of Couponing

I try really hard not to be a coupon blog – I think that’s a distinct niche that, while I’m happy to read them, I don’t want to be one. But yesterday I had a trip to Rite Aid that seems worth writing about. And I suspect it just supports my mother’s coworker’s opinion that it helps to have a PhD in Math from Columbia to pull this stuff off.

So here is a compilation of my 3 transactions, with coupons used, rebates qualified for, and other bonus stuff…

Purchased: $79.01 + $5.95 sales tax
15.00 – 6 Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner on sale, 2.50 each
34.96 – 6 Herbal Essences stylers, 2 @ 2.50, 4 @ 7.49
4.99 — 1 Oral B Power toothbrush
4.98 — 1 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes on sale, 2.49 each
11.60 – (4) Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner refills, 50% clearance 2.90 each
5.49 — Dry Idea roll-on deodorant, BOGO Free
1.99 — Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies, sale 1.99

Coupons Used: $69.21
-15.00 – (3) Rite Aid $5/$25 purchase coupons
-34.96 – (6) Herbal Essences Buy Shampoo/Conditioner, Get a Free Styler
– 2.50 — Free Herbal Essences product
– 1.00 — $1/1 Herbal Essences product
– 2.00 — (2) $1/2 Herbal Essences products
– 1.00 — Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies
– 4.00 — (2) $2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner refills
– 4.00 — (2) $2 Dry Idea roll-on
– 3.00 — Crest Power toothbrush
– 1.00 — Crest Advantage toothbrush
–  .75  — Crest Advantage toothbrush

Rebates Qualified For:  $24.80
2.00 Crest Advantage toothbrushes
2.00 Crest Power toothbrush
5.00 SC Johnson $5 rebate on 3 products (Scrubbing Bubbles)
$15.80 Rite Aid Gift of Savings – $20 store credit back on $100, so calculated @ 20%

Gross cost (out of pocket): $9.80 + $5.95 tax = $15.75
Net cost after rebates:  +$9.05 profit

I’m keeping the Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner refills for me and my brother, the rest is being donated. I was hoping to get milk and Arizona iced tea, but the refrigerators still hadn’t been restocked from the weekend. Also, most of the coupons I used were expiring that day, and my last transaction came in just under the gun at 11:54pm. Oh, and wonder of wonders, the evening manager had clearly gotten some quality training on the use of coupons and lightly scolded the cashier for being so reluctant to take all my coupons because “they’re as good as cash”. It was hard not to giggle, because it wasn’t until I gave them their own coupon policy that this manager warmed up to me.


9 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you do it! You scored on this trip. Well done!

  2. I’m so impressed. I coupon, but I don’t put in the time to find the absolutely amazing deal. It def saves money, but not thaaaaat much…

    • Eh, it’s only worth doing shopping like this if you have a huge family or, in my case, need a hobby to distract you from things like economic fear and mild depression.

  3. Actually it’s worth doing, beacuse most of the time you have moneymakers that PAY YOU to shop! Rite-Aid is my new favorite store.

  4. Fear not for the bottom line, it’s possible I may be making yet another trip out there in the next month or two. 🙂

    Fantastic deal combos!

  5. how did you get a lot of coupon? may i know?

  6. Great haul!! I love reading your coupon antics! (and i didn’t know keebler was on sale. will have to see if my q i still alive!)

  7. nice work you really scored

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