Blame it on the Paint: Lack of Posts

I really want to blog. I have a few things going on worth mentioning: an out-of-the-blue collections call with advice from my financial adviser on how to handle it, adventures in Christmas tree chopping-shopping last weekend, progress towards the $60 Christmas Challenge for Mom-of-10 (I miscounted – forgot to include the baby!), opinions on seasonal charity fundraising, and the true cost of this paint job. In the meantime, please cross your fingers that the $41 gallon of paint called Dragon Fire doesn’t come out Sunkist Orange!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck with the paint! My “Tuscan Terracotta” trim came out a kind of dull orange, definitely not Terracotta.

  2. Sucky about the paint. And your post title has now caused the terrible Milli Vanilli song “Blame It on the Rain” to be stuck on my head.

  3. Well if it turns out horrible I have a brand new can of a Behr yellow you can have.

  4. you are a hoot!

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