Christmas Plans

My mom and I leave at the crack of dawn on the $9 Megabus to Baltimore, where we’ll be spending the long Christmas weekend at the family homestead. Okay, so it’s not a homestead by the usual definition, but my brother was the first to become a homeowner (my parents never did). Newlywedzilla has become a homeowner by marrying one, and she might become the new homestead once she starts reproducing…but for now, it’s a new-build row house in Baltimore.

There could be a fair amount of sitting around and doing nothing, so I’m sort of planning to bring all my coupon stuff and hit up the drug stores during down time. However, even though he’s got CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Dollar Tree within a 20-minute walking radius, Baltimore is apparently too dangerous even during daylight hours to walk through alone. I started to argue with him, a la “Hey, I took the subway with 50 lbs of groceries to a neighborhood in the Bronx where all the little stores have bullet-proof glass from counter to ceiling. I can handle myself”…until he mentioned that a woman who lived between his home and Walgreens was raped and got her throat cut by a guy who used shoveling snow as an excuse to approach her last weekend. Um…yeah, I don’t need free toothpaste that badly. So I’m less scared of the Bronx than I am of Baltimore. Interesting. I guess I’ll just spend time familiarizing myself with the Wii he’s getting from my mom – she’s planning to give it to him on Christmas Eve so it’ll be all hooked up for endless Christmas playtime. Gotta wonder who she really bought it for!

6 Responses

  1. And why did your brother buy a homestead in such an area? I think I’d probably give up homeownership for safety. Have great fun with the Wii and Merry Christmas.


    Merry Christmas! Have Fun! BE SAFE!!!!

  3. Hmm – I’ve used public transportation in Baltimore before with no problems. Might not do it again though.

  4. Yikes, where in baltimore does he live? I’ve walked around the city before but only the nicer areas (inner harbor and little italy), it used to be the most dangerous city in the country. Not sure if it still is. Hope you had a fun holiday at the homestead.

    PS – they found two people shot to death in a car about a 1/4 mile from our house, we live in a marginal area so I can’t judge.

  5. You should pick up an easy habit to travel with…like knitting!

  6. Before our office went on a business trip to Baltimore, a coworker looked up the handy dandy stat that Baltimore has the highest homicide rate in the country. Yay!

    But I know a lot of people who work and live there.. and they seem to do ok …

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