Would you do a job you were too embarrassed to admit to?

No, I’m not going to admit what my new sideline is, but since it affects my income, I can’t really brush over the fact that I have one. After all, this is me being financially proactive before I need to get reactive – there’s no other way I’m going to make my whole life policy premium in August without a few changes.

I make my own hours, which can be anywhere on the clock…can be 2 hours a week or 102 hours a week, or anywhere in between. It’s 100% legal and has nothing to do with massage, and my flair for the written word is my greatest marketing tool. Actually, it’s partially because of that flair that I was able to slot right in at the top of the food chain. Anyway, because of all the writing I need to do to get this fully up and running, my blog posts will be fairly brief over the next two weeks – brief, but hopefully entertaining.

So, have you ever done a job that you were too embarrassed to admit to? I would love to hear about it – and the best part is, you can just mark yourself as anonymous when leaving a comment. So far, thanks to Twitter, I’ve found someone who…

– designed a BDSM website
– made lunch trays for a prison catering service that was likely running drugs
– stocked sex mag/toy vending machines (in Tokyo)

Care to add to the list…?

9 Responses

  1. Are you going to be writing for Penthouse Letters? That would be fun. I would either guess that or a phone sex operator.
    Yes, I did a job that was embarrassing. I was a stripper for about a month. I financed a vacation. It was fun and a good experience.

    • I once read – or tried to read – an anthology of Penthouse Letters once, and was very disappointed. But I guess the ability to string a semi-grammatical sentence together isn’t all that important…

      A month as a stripper? Perfect! You stopped before it stopped being fun. I’ve met a few ex-strippers (who did it for 3-5 years), I admired the hell out of their confidence. Oh, and legs!

  2. No. Unless you count working at Abercrombie and Fitch embarrassing, which I guess I do at this point in my life — kind of hate that store a little. But at 18 it was actually a sort of cool job. 🙂

  3. PS – you really won’t tell us?!

    • Doubtful – I’ve had everyone from my aunt to my building manager stumble across this blog, so I’m keeping mum.

      • Fair enough. I will use my imagination to come up with ideas much crazier than the truth! 🙂

  4. I can think of a couple jobs in publishing that have those qualifications–requiring great (or at least imaginative) writing skills but not the type of thing you want to admit to. If I had time, I’d do them myself!

    I can’t really think of a job I’m embarrassed about. I’ve worn some costumes with my belly dancing gig that I wouldn’t want to meet my boss while wearing, but everyone knows about the job in general. I think I’d be embarrassed to be a phone psychic, but a phone sex operator would be cool.

  5. I kind of wish I had something fun to add to this post, but I don’t. All mundane boring jobs in this history: cashier, animal stuff, more cashiering, bleh. 🙂

  6. When I was a kid, I used to help people with their recreational drug use. (Didn’t I just make that sound so pretty?) Unfortunately, I’m a bit too lazy these days to do much of anything, let alone something scandalous. I have written for a few publications I’m deeply ashamed of, but in the end, it helps the porfolio!

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