Cost of Weed permit v. Gun permit in NJ

My mother told me yesterday that a permit to carry medical marijuana (MMJ) in the state of New Jersey is $200. She remarked that it was excessive taxation (something NJ is well-known for – like trying to double-tax tires on a new car a few years back) since you don’t need a license to carry any other prescription. It’s essentially a sin tax.

So for fun I looked up the price of a carry permit for a handgun in NJ – $20. MUCH cheaper sin tax.

Then I had a brilliant idea, should a county or state politician in New Jersey decide there are too many guns in circulation:  surrender your permit and get a FREE one-year MMJ permit for each gun that you surrender or sell. They’ll be so happily stoned they won’t miss their guns 🙂

One Response

  1. I don’t understand the weed permit. If you have a prescription, why do you need a permit? Seems rather silly to me. If anybody could have weed, then I would understand the permit.

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